Got a Cool $2.3 Million Lying Around? Perhaps the New LG Flat Screen LED TV Is for You

lg 325 inch tv

If you’ve got a casual USD $1.7 million (AUD $2.3 million) lying around then 1. can I borrow some cash? and 2. you might want to spruce up the way you watch TV.

LG is stepping up its game, with the company recently announcing it will be producing a 325-inch wall-size flat-screen LED TV. The television, of course, offers consumers 8K resolution and would absolutely take any movie night to the next level and then some.

Sony and Samsung both recently unveiled wall-size microLED models so naturally, LG is throwing its hat into the ring to compete.

If the sight of a 325-inch television set isn’t enough to make your eyes water, then the price tag most likely is so you might want to consider the next model down which is a more modest 108-inch model that will set you back an amount in the low six figures.

If you are one of the 1% who can afford the income of a small country for one home electronics device, then there’s a good chance you live in a “super-luxury” home — which is exactly what the Direct View LED (DVLED) Extreme Home Cinema line is at so lucky you!

The DVLED TVs will also be offered in both 16:9 models (up to 325-inches) and Ultra Stretch video wall-style 32:9 installations (up to 196-inches) with the latter being ideal for viewing multiple video sources at once…if you have the attention span for such things.

Now, if you were starting to form a plan in your mind of heading to your local Harvey Norman with a lawn chair and a picnic to plonk yourself down in front of one of these bad boys for the day to see how the other half lives, then I’ve got some bad news for you.

LG has decided to bypass stores for this new range of TVs and they will instead only be offered via a custom installation dealer program, with over 30 display size and resolution combinations planned. The installation will include an on-site LG field engineer and a twice-yearly visit from LG for the first three years to check the health of the display and also includes a Connected Care subscription allowing your new TV to be monitored remotely.

Oh, and by the way, LG estimates the installation, warranty and support are worth around $30,000.

“This truly is the supercar of home display technologies, offering hand-constructed quality and performance that appeals to those with luxury lifestyles who want something that is not only immersive but also highly exclusive,” said Dan Smith, LG Electronics USA’s vice president in charge of DVLED displays.

Of course, these gigantic sets aren’t exactly the most eco-friendly things out there so you might be faced with a Sophie’s choice of sorts: be sentenced to hosting every movie night and major sports event viewing party for the rest of your life? Or continuing to watch Netflix on the account you share with 16 other people on a regular wall set like the rest of us, in the name of what’s best for the environment?

Tough call.

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