New Evidence Supports Fan Theory of ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Lena Chapin Case

Lena Chapin

Netflix’s newest documentary series, Unsolved Mysteries has made super-sleuths out of super-couch potatoes.

The first six of 12 episodes have been released, and fans are already hooked — and as with anything these days, if people are absorbing it, they are heading to social media and dissecting it.

Since it landed on Netflix on July 1, fan theories have begun to surface, such as the disappearance of Lena Chapin — a woman who claimed her mother had killed her own husband and then ended up going missing several years later.

The story, which appeared in episode six, had eagle-eyed watchers feeling that all was not what it seemed.

The new season of the popular show, which was at the height of its fame in the 1980s, is largely interactive with previously unreleased clips uploaded to a Google Drive. The new footage proves the fan theory that the story wasn’t as rock-solid as once believed.

So, what happened to Lena Chapin and did Sandy and Kris Klemp have any involvement?

What Happened to Lena Chapin and Gary McCullough?

In 2006, Chapin went missing three years after she confessed to helping her mother Sandy Klemp dispose of Klemp’s husband, Gary McCullough­ in 1999.

As shown in the series, Chapin alleged that Sandy has murdered her husband and made her daughter get rid of the body.

Three years after he went missing, Chapin told his brother Albert (who was once married to Kemp himself) that McCullough had been “sitting on the couch, eating scrambled eggs. She walked out and shot him three times in the head. Two, maybe three times…”

Then, she detailed how her mother had “wrapped him up with plastic stuff and hay strings” and then “dragged him to the bedroom”.

She then went on to say that they pulled up carpets and bleached the floors to get rid of any evidence.

When Chapin told investigator Brian Martin her story, she added that she had also taken a ride earlier with her step-father in his truck.

In 2013, a wrongful death lawsuit was brought against Sandy and her fourth husband, Kris Klemp, and the tape containing Chapin’s confess was not allowed to be used as evidence.

In 2006, Chapin was issued a subpoena to testify against her mother and when her sister Robin went to find her, she found Chapin’s boyfriend, Jason, there.

Jason told Robin that Chapin had moved to Florida with another man and that Klemp was now looking after their baby son, Colter.

Robin felt that something wasn’t right, however, Klemp was never formally charged with either cast.

Although, in the lawsuit filed by McCullough’s children, she and her husband were found liable and were ordered to pay $7 million, which they never received.

To this day, Chapin has not been found and neither her nor Gary’s bodies have ever been found.

According to the Monnet Times, Kemp remarried a man named Joe Wink and is now known as Sandy Wink.

In Unsolved Mysteries, Detective Rick Letchworth said that he believed there were two reasons behind Sandy’s involvement.

“Based on my interviews with Brandi and Robin, I believe Sandy had two motives for making Lena disappear,” he said.

“Lena helped make Gary disappear. She had first-hand knowledge of what happened. And if Lena talked, what that could potentially do. Also, Lena had a son, Colter, that Sandy desperately wanted. So much that Sandy would, by accounts, make him call her ‘mum'”.

Lena Chapin

What Was Discovered in The Google Drive Evidence?

In the Google Drive uploaded by Netflix, investigator Brian Martin said that Chapin’s story had inconsistencies when it came to McCullogh’s disappearance.

“Something that was interesting when he did find Gary’s truck was there was one place to sit and that was the driver’s seat. You could sit on the passenger side, but you couldn’t put your feet on the floor as there was so much litter. I found it ironic because in the one interview I did get with Lena, she said that on the night Gary left she rode with him in the truck but didn’t want to be seen with him. And she sat on the floor of the truck. I commented to the other investigators that were there: ‘nobody has sat on that floor for a lengthy time.”

Unseen footage also casts suspicion on Kris Klemp, Sandy’s former-husband (after McCullogh) who has had an affair with her at the time.

In the new evidence, Kris’ ex-wife Jennifer mentioned a “screaming match” she had with her then-husband to retired Sheriff Mick Epperly explains:

“He mentioned one thing to the impact of ‘I can’t fear about these things proper now. I’ve acquired to fret about killing a person.’”

“Jennifer informed us she took Kris Klemp to the situation of the Gary McCullough­ place. Dropped him off on the curb. And later picked him up that night time. And Jennifer mentioned Kris was as scared as he might be.

“I imagine that was most likely the night time Gary was burned.”

Unsolved Mysteries Receives “Credible Tips” Within 24 Hours

Producers obtained over 20 credible tips within 24 hours of the series debuting on Netflix surrounding the disappearance of Chapin and McCullogh.

“We pass [the information] on to the appropriate authorities. We’re hoping there’s a lot of people who still haven’t watched and maybe this weekend they’ll sit down and binge the episodes and we’ll get more leads,” co-producer Terry Dunn Meurer told USA Today.

Catch Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix, now.

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