A LEGO ‘Seinfeld’ Set of Jerry’s Apartment Is Coming Soon


The humble LEGO brick present limitless opportunity to build just about any and every world, though the Danish company’s pop culture-themed sets are no doubt some of the more popular releases, often stirring huge fanfare from collectors around the world.

Recently, LEGO released six new Harry Potter sets, but the latest from the toy producer is sure to bring equal excitement. In celebration of sitcom Seinfeld‘s 30-year anniversary, LEGO is releasing a build-your-own set of Jerry Seinfeld’s Upper West Side Apartment.

lego seinfeld

As it’s viewed on TV, LEGO’s Seinfeld set is built from the perspective of the audience to include Jerry’s lumpy blue couch, open-plan kitchen and corner study, plus includes entryway to his bathroom and bedroom at the rear of the space. Special nods to the show include Jerry’s cereal box collection, Jaws poster, a pretzel, Kramer’s portrait and a pizza box. The 1,326 piece set even comes with a little stage for Jerry to perform his stand-up routines.

Even better, it will include the show’s main characters. Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Elaine Benes, Cosmo Kramer and Newman will also come in the box to help you reenact your favourite scenes about nothing.


The set was actually conceptualised by Australian fan Brent Waller on the LEGO Ideas forum; it’s something of a fab hub where real people can submit plans for consideration from the actual LEGO team once they receive enough support from the community on the hub. Waller’s set was upvoted by 10,000 supporters.

As such, it will now be available in real life from August 1, 2021, at USD$79.99 (AUD$106.99). Keep your eyes on the product page to grab yours when it lands.

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