Say Beep Boop to This LEGO R2-D2, Launched Just In Time for May the 4th


International Star Wars Day is May 4, because as the pun intended: “May the 4th be with you”. This year, as always, we’ll celebrate with a rewatch of the series or perhaps our fave episode (anything but Attack of the Clones), but to make the occasion really special, we’re considering taking the celebration into our own hands, quite literally.

Just in time for Star Wars Day, LEGO has released its biggest-ever R2-D2 set. The 31cm-tall droid is comprised of 2,314 individual pieces and is designed to be as authentic as possible with a bunch of hidden and true-to-the-Star-Wars-universe features.

R2-D2 was designed with retractable mid-leg drops from standing to driving position, a rotating head and rising periscope to look out for trouble, extendable front hatches and contact tools, and a hidden compartment to hide Luke Skywalker’s lightsabre.

Once the masterpiece is complete (and we expect the build would take a while), the droid can be displayed in your home with a display stand and plaque featuring an R2-D2 droid figure and Lucasfilm 50th anniversary LEGO brick. All in all, the set costs $329.99.


Those after a Star Wars LEGO challenge a little less complicated may like The Child set, $119.99. Equal parts terrifying and cute, this one allows you to build your own Baby Yoda for display or play in 1,073 pieces.

He can be personalised with a number of different expressions, has a posable head, movable ears and an adjustable mouth. Baby Yoda also comes with an information plaque with details on his height and age, plus a LEGO Minifigure to complete the display.

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