A LEGO and NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Kit Is Ready for Liftoff


LEGO is releasing a new set, and while it’s not exactly rocket science, it’s definitely for the rocket lovers. The LEGO x NASA Space Shuttle Discovery set was built in collaboration with NASA to honour the 40th anniversary of the first space shuttle flight, and will allow players to relive the success of the Hubble Space Telescope journey for themselves.

Partnering with NASA, LEGO were able to ensure that all of the onboard elements of the model match the original 1990 expedition.

Intended for adults, the set contains 2,354 LEGO pieces that come together to form replicas of the Discovery orbiter and Hubble Telescope.


The Discovery orbiter comes with functional landing gear, payload bay doors, elevons, and a rudder. The Hubble Telescope can be displayed alongside the space shuttle, or folded and stored inside the Discovery orbiter.

Given it’s a large-scale set of 21 cm high, 54 cm long and 34 cm wide, the set also includes stands for both models, so you can set them on display to show off your craftsmanship. You’ll also get a plaque to enhance your display, inscribed with key data regarding the STS-31 mission. 

Basically, you’re one of the crew.

It’s worth noting that the first space shuttle to take flight 40 years ago was not the Discovery, but rather the Columbia. Sadly, the Columbia disintegrated during its fatal 28th flight in 2003, so we can only assume that LEGO chose to recreate the Discovery orbiter because its history has a happy ending.

The Discovery orbiter is the space shuttle that delivered the Hubble Telescope to space in 1990, hence why the model comes with its own model telescope.

nasa lego

Dr. Kathy Sullivan, an astronaut who was aboard the Discovery when it launched the Hubble Telescope into orbit, helped Lego announce the new model set and commented on its accuracy.

“I was thrilled to see the space shuttle in Lego form, and was very impressed by the amount of intricate detail they have managed to recreate from the module where we used to sleep and eat through to what we called the ‘milk stalls’ on the telescope,” said Sullivan in a press release. “This Lego model is a great way for Lego builders and space fans alike to get excited about space travel and learn more about the famous mission in a fun and engaging way.”

The NASA Space Shuttle Discovery set goes on sale soon for $299. You’ll find it in Lego retail stores and on LEGO.com.au.

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