Melbourne’s Finest Purveyors of Lasagna Are Having a Lasagna Love-In

World Lasagna Day is coming up in Australia on Friday, 29 July, and many of Australia’s finest lasagna makers are getting ready for the big day. Melbourne restaurants are all coming together with some extra special lasagna recipes this year, all part of the Lasagna Love-In a collaboration between Dani Valent, Cookaborough, and restaurants such as 1800-Lasagna, Lasagna Lab, That’s Amore, Pasta Poetry, Grossi A Casa, and more.

Orders for the Lasagna Love-In must be in by 10pm on Monday, 25 July with delicious lasagna delivered to your door on Thursday, 28 July so you can enjoy them on World Lasagna Day.

Here’s what you can order:

  • Lasagna Lab | Southside Wagyu ragu + vego taleggio
  • 1800 Lasagne | Cult northside lasagnas including epic eggplant
  • Via Porta | Mont Albert family bringing the bake
  • Al Dente Enoteca | Italian classic + a mushroom truffle extravaganza
  • Pie Thief | Hello Lasagna Pie!!!
  • That’s Amore | Gorgeous family-size with their own housemade cheeses
  • Grossi A Casa | The OG Melbournese marvels
  • Meals with Impact | African lasagna
  • Pasta Poetry | Fairfield represent, include with a vego pumpkin and kale

The Lasagna Love-In will be supporting FareShare, with 5% of all sales being donated to the charity. You can also make further donations to FareShare when you place your order. Every $10 will help FareShare make delicious dinners for four people.

Order your lasagna for the Lasagna Love-In here.

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