Not Everyone Is Loving Kylie Minogue’s New Australian Tourism Ad

A new tourism ad designed to entice Brits into booking an Australian getaway is being criticised by Australians for ignoring the current state of the country, which continues to be ravaged by bushfires.

The “Mate Song” ad stars Australia’s pop princess Kylie Minogue, as well as comedian Adam Hills and cricketer Shane Warne, and depicts Australia as a great, relaxing place to tune out the woes of the real world, and is aimed directly at cashed-up, stressed out Brits who are sick to death of hearing about Brexit everyday.

Did we mention the ad is also very, very white? It’s very, very white.

At one point in “Mate Song”, Kylie reclines on a beach chair, singing: “We can turn off the news, and you can kick off your shoes.”

Although OG Neighbours fans will be excited to see Kylie dressed as her character Charlene once again, critics of the ad were quick to point out that Australia hasn’t exactly been the peaceful refuge it’s being made out to be, recently.

Many people have called out the ad’s unfortunate timing, noting the ongoing bushfires, decimation of the koala population, high temperatures and drought conditions that Australians are continuing to face.



And a few pointed out that Kylie and Adam don’t actually live here, even if they still call Australia home.

Ahh… at least the quokkas are still cute???