Kristen Stewart “Can’t F**king Wait” to Propose to Her Girlfriend

kristen stewart

Anyone who’s been following the life and career of Kristen Stewart will likely know by now that the gal likes her privacy. Like, never held hands with Rob Pattinson in public for the years that they were together, doesn’t have social media private.

But in a new interview with Howard Stern, the actress opened up, and for K-Stew, this is basically the equivalent of Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch.

Declaring her love for girlfriend and screenwriter Dylan Meyer, Kristen said that she “can’t f**king wait” to propose to her, adding that while she wants to wait a “reasonable” amount of time, she also thinks “good things happen fast”. The pair were first photographed together in mid-August.

Confirming that she’s thought up a few different ways to pop the question, Kristen then declined to reveal any details on how it might all go down, mostly because she didn’t want to spoil the surprise for her beloved.

“I can’t say right now because she’ll find out,” she explained “I have a couple plans that are just the coolest things to do that I don’t think … I think it’s pretty undeniable.”

After crossing paths six years ago when the pair met on a film set, the couple haven’t been together for long, but as soon as they coupled up, it was “like all bets were off”.

“She rocked up at a friend’s birthday party and I was like, ‘Where have you been and how have I not known you?’” she said.

And although the actress isn’t sure of when this proposal is likely to happen, Kristen said that she has a tendency to be “impulsive”, so it might just happen when she’s feeling the moment.

“The first time I told her I love her it was really late and we were in some sh**ty bar, and her friends were there or whatever and they walked out, and I was just like, ‘Oh, man, I’m so f**king in love with you.’ Like, done,” she said. “It wasn’t like ‘a thing,’ and it also was so obvious.”

Watch the full interview below.