Gourmet Vovo, Lamington and Gaytime Chocolates Exist


Golden Gaytimes, Arnott’s Iced, Vovos, chocolate crackles, and the humble lamington; they’re all treats iconic to Australia and evoke a delicious nostalgia for our simpler childhood days.

Now, the artisanal chocolatiers at Koko Black have reimagined our favourite treats, adding a gourmet flare and levelling up the much-loved flavour profiles with high-end, high-quality ingredients.

Koko Black’s new Australian Classics Collection celebrates our iconic treats and “serves as an optimistic reminder to Australians of the good times past, as well as the good times
still ahead”.

“Every single person has memories they can look back to as the ‘good old days’ – where milk bars were on every corner, and where summers were filled with memories of birthday parties, fetes and trips to the tuckshop,” says Remco Brigou, head chocolatier at Koko Black.

“We want our Australian Classics Collection to reinvent these moments in a contemporary way, making people feel those fond Australian memories are here. That the golden days are now, and that you’re never too old to feel young again.”

Our favourite is surely the take on the ice-cream classic Golden Gaytime. Called Gaytime Goldies, these sweet and salty chocolate bars contain Vanilla and malted caramel ganache, dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with hazelnuts.

Image: Koko Black

The Koko Vovo is another winner that takes all there is to love about the biscuit classic and brings even more to the table. The perfect companion for a cup of tea, this good-sized treat has a milk chocolate-coated biscuit topped with strawberry rosewater marshmallow, raspberry jelly and coconut.

Koko Crackles are designed after the ultimate kids’ party treat of chocolate crackles. Only instead of breaking your teeth and giving you a toothache, these chewy slabs are grown-up and sophisticated. A base of crispy rice bubbles is topped with caramelised coconut and white chocolate, before being dipped in dark chocolate.

In addition to these adaptations, the collection also includes a Lamington Slice (chocolate marshmallow and raspberry jelly dipped in dark chocolate and dusted with coconut), Honey Joys (cornflakes and honey mixed in milk or dark chocolate), and Jam Wagons (biscuit batons topped with marshmallow and raspberry jam coated in milk chocolate).

The range starts from $15.90 for a pack of Honey Joys and climbs to $24.90 for a slab of Lamington Slice. Some treats can be purchased individually, too, from $6 each. For $169, you can sample all treats in the ‘Ultimate Classic Collection Hamper’.

The Koko Black Australian Classic Collection is available to purchase online now, and from September 24 in stores.

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