This Chic and Affordable Cloud Sofa Is Netflix-Ready In Seconds


Koala, makers of the world’s comfiest mattress (this editor can confirm), has branched out from just bedding in recent years. The Koala suite of products now includes a comprehensive range of lounges and armchairs, dining sets, and bed frames, all of which come delivered in four hours and are about as easy to put together as falling asleep.

Now, the Aussie brand is combining two of its loves to create the hybrid sofa of our dreams — quite literally. The Cushy Sofa Bed is a cloud-style lounge that folds out in an actual second to become a bed.

It’s ideal for you and your Netflix-and-chill antics, and equally as handy for visiting guests. “Most sofa beds offer great seat comfort but lack a well-designed sleeping surface. They can be clunky and uncomfortable (they’re a hassle to set up, and when your head finally does hit the pillow, you have nothing short of a shocking sleep),” Koala says in a release.

“The Cushy has a quilted sleep layer to stop you from hitting those dreaded lumps and bumps in the middle of the night.”

With no metal joints, the sofa ensures a comfy and squeak-free sleep. The foam layer means you won’t wake up with back pain, while the durable fabric means it’s just about drool-proof. At least if you do spill chocolate on it, it’s easily cleaned.


Designed for movie nights and sleepovers, the Cushy also comes in handy for a bunch of other midnight activities. “New mums can take extra comfort knowing the Cushy was made with the midnight milk hour in mind, while empty nesters and Netflix-and-chill aficionados can get the best of both worlds… it also serves as a temporary ‘sin bin’ if your other half has been booted out of bed.”

Like the rest of the Koala range, the sofa bed has commendable sustainability credentials. The timber frame is 100% FSC certified, the piece itself is entirely vegan, and each purchase supports the Kangaroo Island native Glossy Black Cockatoo — a declining species in need of a little help.

The Koala Cushy Sofa Bed comes in three sizes: single, double and queen, starting from $1050 and climbing to $1600. It’s available in four colours: Vanilla (cream), Ink (charcoal), Tinny (grey) and Gumleaf (soft green).

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