Wool Rugs, Beachy Cushions and Other Homewares We’re Eyeing from Koala’s New Range

Koala homewares

Koala first burst onto the scene in 2015 with its online mattress offering, and, since then, has expanded into beds, bedding, sofas, desks and chairs. Its latest foray? Homewares.

Available now for pre-order and on sale Tuesday, July 5, the brand’s debut homewares collection features 34 pieces, including cushions, rugs and throws — all made sustainably.

“Homewares as a category is traditionally the pinnacle of ‘fast furniture’ so the challenge of revolutionising the industry excited us.” Says Koala’s founder and CEO Mitch Taylor.

“Koala first disrupted the mattress industry by cutting out the middleman, and then the furniture industry by creating furniture built to last, and now we’ve done it again with homewares. By taking our model of success, we’ve been able to change how Aussies enjoy cushions, rugs and throws with pieces that are sustainable from the start.”

Like the rest of its offering, Koala’s homewares are quality-made and in timeless designs. Taking years of research and development to create, they’re each inspired by the Australian lifestyle, flora and fauna, art and culture.

“We’ve created a real sense of something special you can’t get anywhere else, with all colours and material finishes inspired by the Australian landscape, from Outback red dirt to beautiful coral reefs,” says Koala’s Design Director Alexandra Owen.

Sustainability was also front of mind in their creation, with Koala working only with suppliers who prioritise fair work practices and using materials like blended or 100% OCS Organic Cotton, responsibly-sourced wool, and fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles.

So, what Koala homewares are we eyeing in our pre-order?

Beachside Cushion, $89

Shear Beauty Rug, $899

Pebble Beach Throw, $229

Stitch Up Cushion, $99

Outback Rug, $399

Koala Outback rug

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