Koala Is About to Drop a WFH Desk That Assembles in 4 Minutes


They’re already responsible for your sweet dreams every night, and now, the team behind Koala’s award-winning mattress and nap-worthy sofas are bringing an instant WFH desk that sets up in minutes.

The limited-edition piece comes in response to the current climate. As many are working from home for the forseeable future (and cracking our backs through the pain of sitting at the dining room table for hours on end), Koala is bringing an ergonomic alternative.

With clever cable management, built-in holders for your phone and tablets and a bag hook, the plywood piece is pretty nifty, not to mention chic, and can be assembled or packed down in four minutes.

Though it’s good looking enough to feature in any space permanently, the idea is that you could pack away the desk at the end of the week to make room in your home for other activities. Come Monday morning, and the desk is easily erected once more — and with no tools.

The Koala WFH desk will go on sale from Monday, 25 May. Pedestrian TV reports it’ll cost $400, with a pint-sized version for kids coming in at $300. For pre-order and further information, check in on the Koala Facebook now.

Like every piece in Koala’s cohesive suite, the desk will come with free express delivery, as well as a 120-day trial and a five-year warranty.

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