Koala Launches a Chic New Bed Frame That Will Protect Your Shins


Do you ever feel like you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle but you’re just exhausted and don’t know where to start? We reckon a sustainably-made, affordable and chic bed could be a good jumping-off point.

Koala has just released its second bed base, the Paddington. It’s a super-cute minimalistic-style bed frame that is designed for ultimate comfort, the best quality sleeps and is great for the environment to boot. 

You can order it now starting from $720, with Koala’s epic four-hour delivery and with the 120-night trial. Pretty good. 

With the Paddington, you can…

Avoid shinjuries

Banging your shins on the side of your bed frame in the middle of the night has got to be up there with one of the most painful experiences (second only to stepping on LEGO). Paddington has upholstered side rails, to help you avoid this very nightmare from occurring and coming back to you in the morning when you see your shin bruises. 

Enjoy easy luxury

The not-too-upright and softly padded headboard was literally designed for breakfast in bed, late-night viewing and movie sessions. And just behind it, there’s a storage shelf for you to stash your books, extra pillows… maybe even some snacks? We’ll leave that up to you.

Experience the comfort combo

The infamous koala mattress – known for its comfort factor – fits perfectly in the Paddington bed frame, making it the best comfort combo that ever did live.

Assured sustainability 

The timber used for the Paddington is certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), so you can rest easy knowing that the materials are ethically sourced from legal plantations.

sustainable bed

Koala prides itself on eliminating the choice between buying affordably or sustainably – why shouldn’t the two go together? The brand’s goal is to provide consciously made and designed furniture that is affordable and made to keep, all the while giving back to the planet by protecting endangered species and prioritising sustainable materials.

The Paddington bed base is the latest to drop from the Aussie-owned brand. Last month, the brand brought its very first coffee table to its living room suite, where it joins a range of chic sofas, armchairs and the very first dining table

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