Kmart’s New Must-Have Accessory Is a Handbag With Secret Goon Sack Dispenser


We’re not going to encourage you to drink illegally on the beach, but let’s just say if you were planning on a boozy beach picnic this summer, then you’d be wise to invest in Kmart‘s most recent viral item.

The Kmart Wine Carrier with Drink Dispenser is the latest product to blow up in popularity from the budget brand.

While upon first look, the piece appears to be a nautical-themed striped shoulder bag with a large compartment for beach and picnic gear, a second, closer look shows an easy-pour spout in the lower corner, hidden by a flap of fabric.

The accessory actually comes with a bladder bag that fits perfectly into the insulated inner compartment, which can be filled with wine or really any beverage of your choosing. You can go straight for vodka, and after the year we’ve had, why the hell not?

kmart wine dispenser bag

Kmart calls the $25 bag “an essential carry-along for those outdoor adventures”, and who are we to argue with that.

All around Australia, Kmart enthusiasts are losing it for the accessory, with fan Facebook group members sharing sentiments of excitement along with their plans to buy it stat.

“I need this in my life! Maybe more than one,” wrote one user, with another adding: “Another reason to go to Kmart”.

While they are no official reviews of the bag on the Kmart website as of yet, one enthusiastic shopper has left her own review in a dedicated Kmart Facebook group.

“I bought this bag. I absolutely love this bag. It is incredibly spacious and fits so much food! And the wine bag is a happy coincidence. I’ve only used it for water on outings with the kids but it stayed cold all day! Absolutely worth it!”

The wine carrier bag is already sold out online (hardly surprising), though shoppers have managed to find the product in stores.

So, until Kmart re-stocks the product, it looks like your only chance to nab a secret goon sack dispenser is to don a mask and pop over to your local Kmart store.

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