We Found the Bouclé Chair You’ve Seen All Over Instagram for a Mere $99

Kmart chair

Bouclé furniture and homewares blew up last year, featured in what appeared to be every other home décor inspo post.

If you’re not familiar with the textile, its name is based on the French word ‘boucler’, which means to curl or loop. It’s a heavy fabric made from looped yarn, and is characterised by its nubby, almost fleecy appearance, made from the little loops in the yarn. And while it’s most commonly made from wool fibres, you can also find the textile in linen, cotton and even silk.

“Bouclé fabric provides a unique range of benefits: heavy enough to offer some acoustic absorption when used for, say, window treatments, but soft enough to cover a pillow,” reads an article on it on Architectural Digest.

And while all bouclé furniture and homewares — think rugs and throw blankets — are currently on-trend, one item, in particular, stole the show – the boucle chair. With a full back and usually no armrests, mostly sold in white, it adds a sleek, futuristic style to any room. BROSA had a version — its Ada Swivel Accent Chair — for $649, while Lounge Lovers had one — Chloe Swivel Accent Chair — with armrests for $599.

Boucle chair
Image: Brosa

But though the chair is certainly a statement piece next to a lounge or in the corner of a bedroom, it’s likely you may not have been able to justify its hefty price tags.

Enter Kmart’s new Sundae Bouclé Chair, which runs 75cm in height and 70cm wide and, to no one’s surprise, is already quickly selling out in stores. As of writing this, though, it’s still available online.

“Who else ran to Kmart to pick up the new $99 boucle chair?” wrote home interiors influencer @homeoflindz. “I’m so obsessed!!!” Later, in a separate post, they wrote: “I’m getting my second boucle chair today and the first one is now in our bedroom! Looks like there will be piles of clothes here soon.”

Image: Instagram @homeoflindz

So, there you have it, Kmart has done it again. But, if you want to get your hands on this latest item, you’ll want to get in quick.

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