This New Sydney Hotel Is a Snapshot of 1930s New York

It’s not often that you walk into a building and your jaw hits the floor, but that’s exactly what happened when I walked into the lobby of the hotel I was staying in Sydney last week, for AAFW.

I was met by pink marble columns, a panelled-window ceiling, artistic greenery everywhere, floral velvet couches, pastel-coloured decor, a super friendly (and handsome) doorman and the most perfect jazz hotel lobby music. I felt like I’d stepped into my own childhood dream.

In reality, I was in the Kimpton Margot hotel, one of Sydney CBD’s newest luxury hotels. I was mesmerised.

Safe to say, I’d never heard of the Kimpton Margot before, and I had no idea what I was in for. Opening on Valentine’s Day this year, this French-meets-New-York inspired hotel opened in one of Sydney CBD’s most beautiful heritage-listed art deco buildings.

The building formerly housed the Primus Hotel Sydney, and decades before that it was the Sydney Water Board building. Designed in full art-deco style by Henry Budden & Mackey, the gorgeous building was built from 1938 to 1939 and contains many of its original features.

The Kimpton Margot Hotel is named after the artistic women of influence who played a leading role in shaping Australia’s design scene in the ’30s—the ‘Margot’ women—and it definitely has feminine energy. I felt immediately safe and warm, and a little bit like Carrie Bradshaw, TBH.

Sitting at the bar in the Kimpton Margot’s lobby, you could be in Paris or New York City—two places I’ve never actually been, but from what I’ve seen in films, look and feel a lot like this place.

I had to pinch myself. Not only was I in Sydney to cover Afterpay Australian Fashion Week as a writer—my literal dream job—but I was also staying in a hotel fit for a princess. It felt surreal and I was sure to soak up every moment.

Aside from its breathtaking aesthetics, the hotel itself provided one of the most beautiful stay experiences I’ve ever had. The staff were friendly and charming, the breakfast options were delicious, the room service was timely and tasty and the room itself was beautifully maintained.

I had a gorgeous suite on level six, complete with an art-deco inspired navy and gold carpet, a kitchen and living area, a king-sized bed and a generously sized bathroom with a huge bathtub.

Each day, I would leave my coat flung over the bed, my clothes in a mess and my shoes scattered about—fashion week was chaos!—but would come back to everything neatly tidied and the room smelling divine.

Located on Pitt Street right in the middle of Sydney’s CBD, the Kimpton Margot features 172 rooms and suites, which I’m sure are all as delightful as the one I stayed in. The hotel is also pet-friendly. I saw a lady carrying around her little pup through the halls!

Honestly, I really feel like I got my Eloise at the Plaza moment. I’ve always thought of hotels as this big, romantic performance, with different characters playing their role; all of which benefit you in the best ways possible with delicious food, cocktails and service—but I was yet to experience it to this extent.

I didn’t have time to try all the amazing offerings, such as the rooftop pool and bar, the mezzanine art gallery and the digital yoga sessions available in each room, but regardless, my stay was something I’ll never forget.

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