These Cursed Silicone Shorts Will Give You Kim Kardashian’s Booty


Google ‘Kim Kardashian’s butt workout’ all you like, but it’s unlikely you’ll ever be able to replicate the reality star’s ‘internet-breaking’ ass. With speciality gym equipment, personal trainers, and perhaps most probably a team of cosmetic specialists, your chances of having Kim’s derriere are slim to nil. Until now.

Beate Karlsson is a Swedish artist and designer who specialises in silicone sculpture, much of which is wearable. Unlike any fashion trend you’ve ever seen before, Karlsson’s more recent creations include a pair of silicone claw shoes and a pair of padded shorts shaped after Kim Kardashian’s famous butt.

The Bum, as it’s fondly called, was created in tandem with artists Ida Jonsson and Simon Saarinen, according to Dezeen. The trio referenced the limitless bank of selfies, red carpet pics and paparazzi shots of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star to create a scalable replica of Kim’s butt. First a 3D model, and then a pair of wearable bike shorts.

Karlsson first debuted The Bum when she wore it with a denim corset, thigh-high boots and a red puffer jacket to New York Fashion Week earlier this year. It’s a look. It’s a vibe. And quite frankly it’s only a matter of time until Kim dons the shorts herself.

kim kardashian butt
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“Ever since Kim K was on that cover of PAPER, we’ve been obsessing over media’s fetishization of her bum,” Saarinen said to Forbes. “Her ass is probably one of the most recognized and talked about symbols born out of Instagram, making it an interesting subject to explore through our artistic practice.

“Coming into 2020, we’re living in a time where people are ready to undergo serious and sometimes dangerous surgeries to make their butt look like hers — all in the name of likes. When we started thinking about easier and less permanent ways for people to stand out in the feed, this wearable was one of our first ideas.”

While only a handful of Bums exist, Saarinen, Jonsson and Karlsson are said to be looking into larger-scale production of their piece. They’re planning to sell their booty shorts for around $450 and $600 USD, according to Forbes. It’s a price we’re willing to pay if it means a chance to recreate Kim’s iconic Break the Internet cover for Halloween next year.

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