Australian Kids Are Set to Be the Most Domestically Travelled and Educated Generation

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As a parent, you might’ve seen that headline and just groaned — of course your kid has picked out a travel destination already before you’ve even confirmed you’re going on holiday, and it’s probably Disney, Dream World, Movie World, or something else in that assortment of theme parks.

Or, if you’ve got a tween, they’re probably groaning at the thought of a family holiday as much as you.

Well, it turns out that, according to travel website Wotif, that Aussie kids — under the age of 13 — are set to become the nation’s most domestically travelled and educated generation. In fact, 62% of our nation’s kids are now excited to see more of Australia (looks like COVID was good for something?).

It’s as Wotif’s managing director, Daniel Finch, says, “Today’s kids are in a truly unique position to see Australia in a more intimate way, like no other generation of our time.”

And our country does have so much to offer parents and children alike — just look at Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster-Blake‘s Tourism Australia campaign — with son, Sonny, and daughter Rudy, in tow. We’ve got 8,000 islands, 600 national parks, wildlife species that aren’t found anywhere else on the planet. Keen to see a nightly penguin parade? Head to Philip Island. Want to jungle surf treetops? Cape Tribulation is the spot for you.

And yes, children do tend to agree with our assessment of the top kid’s holidays — first on their wish list is theme parks at 49%. However! Getting personal with wildlife is 41%. Next? Seeing a ‘big thing’ at 22% — yep, like the Big Banana and its other Big friends.

As for what kids love most about family holidays? Prepare to feel all warm and soft, and potentially like giving your kid a big squeeze after reading this — family bonding comes in first, at 51%.

Yep, domestic travel allows for bonding and for some amazing, unique, Australian experiences.

Oh, and this winter, Wotif wants your kids to curate the ultimate bucket list of Aussie travel experiences. Particularly, ones that should be ticked off before they turn 13…and you lose any semblance of control, forever (we’re kidding…kind of).

You could win $2,000 towards your next holiday by heading over to www.wotif.com/kidslist and nominating your child’s dream Aussie travel experience (by May 28). Oh, and that definitive bucket list will be announced next month, so you can get planning right after that!

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