Double Cheddar is the Main Character at Kelso’s Pop Up Chop Shop

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Kelso’s Sandwich Shoppe has been keeping the people of Abbotsford fed since 2016. Emerging onto the scene just before the great sandwich boom of Melbourne’s inner north, Kelso’s is one of the best when it comes to a succulent sandwich.

They put their own spin on the classics, with housemade relishes and pickles to boot, and an accessible offering of sandwiches, burgers and brekky buns, with epic vegetarian and build-your-own options.

And now, in pop-up chop shop form, they’re celebrating the greatest sandwich cheese of all: Chop Cheese.

Instagram / @kelsossandwiches

Popping up at The Mill Brewery, this Friday March 4 from 4pm, Kelso’s Pop Up Chop Shop is offering up a smaller menu, with some mouth-watering new additions and plenty of Chop Cheese (otherwise known as cheddar).

“The Chop Shop concept has been floating around for a little while now,” says owner Jon-Lee Farrell.

Kelso’s has always had a varied menu from fresh to indulgent and everything in between, but the idea of a shorter sharper menu always appealed to us.”

This shorter menu, includes their Classic Chop Cheese and Cripsy Tofu sandwiches, as well as a Meatlovers, Grilled Prawn, Fried Chicken and Vegan Fried Chicken. All the sandwiches—minus the Vegan and Grilled Prawn—feature double cheddar; or Chop Cheese.

Farrell says that’s because Chop Cheese is everyone’s favourite.

“Over the last six years of the original shop, the Chop Cheese quickly emerged as a crowd favourite and by far the biggest seller week on week… so we thought why not give it it’s own shop!”

“All the sandwiches are a tweak on the other originals, which is pure comfort food wrapped in a soft Kelso’s-only baguette! The menu may change or evolve a little, but the idea is that less choice is where it’s at, simplicity and deliciousness!”

Instagram / @kelsossandwiches

Spirits are still high at Kelso’s, despite the struggle of the past few years. According to Farrell, the lockdowns helped them to establish themselves and become known to a wider part of their local area.

“The support we received was amazing and we slung more sangas every day,” he said.

“Opening a new tweak on Kelso’s now that people are out and about feels right—and the location is prime. The Mill Brewery has a huge outdoor area and open warehouse feel—perfect for sangas and beers throughout the afternoon and evening.”

Sign us up.

As for sandwiches, “they make everyone happy”, says Farrell—and he’s not wrong.

“What makes a great sandwich? For us? That house soft fluffy baguette we mentioned… and cheese, a lot of it.”

Head on down to The Mill Brewery this Friday, March 4, from 4pm, and tuck into a tinnie and a sanga courtesy of Kelso’s.

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