Unpacking All of Jury Duty’s Juicy Little Spoilers

Sometimes, you don’t have the time to binge a beloved series. Maybe your month’s jam packed, maybe you’re organising a cat funeral. But either way, you want to know all the plot points and spoliers. You want to be a part of the cultural conversation

If Jury Duty is such a series in your life, then we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of all of Jury Duty’s spoilers.

Episode One: Voir Dire

In episode one, a normal guy named Ronald Gladden arrives for jury selection. However, he doesn’t know that the entire court case is fictional. Gladden doesn’t know that it was invented to prank him. 

This fake trial centres on a business called Cinnamon and Sparrow. The owner of this business, Jacqueline Hilgrove, had accused an employee, Trevor Morris, of damaging her business. Hilgrove is alleging that Morris has caused a whack of property damage and caused her emotional distress.

What’s more, Hilgrove is after $1.8 million. However, Morris is broke and living with his mother. If Hilgrove wins this case, then Morris’ life will be over.

Episode Two: Opening Arguments

In episode two, Ronald Gladden and the fake jurors move into a hotel. Gladden then has to adjust to the buckwild people around him.

Now, one of these buckwild people was Todd. This character slid a bizarre note under Ronald Gladden’s hotel door that was meant to give him the creeps. However, instead of getting wigged, Gladden embraced Todd as a friend.


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According to the creators of Jury Duty, Gladden’s generous spirit somewhat changed the direction of this series. Gladden made this series a tonne more wholesome.

Episode Three: Foreperson

In episode three, Ronald Gladden is forced into becoming the jury’s foreperson. The pranks ram up as he has to deal with the cast’s unruly behaviour. 

Episode Four: Field Trip

In episode four, the jurists go on a field trip to Cinnamon and Sparrow.

Episode Five: Ineffective Assistance 

In episode five, a whack of evidence is pinned on Morris.

Episode Six: Closing Arguments

In episode six, both Hilgrove and Morris’ teams make their final cases to jurors. Meanwhile, Ronald Gladden learns how to play a Korean board game.

Episode Seven: Deliberations

In episode seven, it’s Ronald Gladden’s job as the foreperson to lead the jury to a unanimous verdict.

Episode Eight: The Verdict

In episode eight, the creators of Jury Duty go all spoilers on how they pranked Ronald Gladden. It also acts as a reunion for the whole cast.

As Charles Bramesco wrote for The Guardian, “This final episode takes a hard swerve towards sentimentality, positing that Ronald’s manufactured circumstances nonetheless created authentic bonds with his comrades. One might think that if in fact, they didn’t, that he’d feel some sense of betrayal at having opened up to people lying to him, or that at least he’d be pissed about still being eligible for bona fide jury duty.”

However, Bramesco’s summary forgets one important detail. Yes, Ronald Gladden was punked. And yes, he is still eligible for actual jury duty. However, the production also gave him USD $100,000. Which, all things considered, is pretty darn sweet.

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