Pulling Off a Season Two of ‘Jury Duty’ Would Be Harder Than You Might Realise

Jury Duty is a series that has quickly built up a rabid fan base. As of 25 July, the series has a 79% fresh rate on Rotten Tomatoes. What’s more, Jury Duty also has a 97% audience fresh rate.

As one fan wrote, “Season one, is a must-see for fans of courtroom dramas. Ronald Gladden’s performance is just one of the many reasons why this series is so compelling.”

Meanwhile, another person wrote, “Reminiscent of The Office, Jury Duty provides outlandish situations happening to relatable and likeable people, one especially likeable person being the one who has no idea this entire thing is fake. I love it!”

Will There Be a Season 2 of Jury Duty?

Well, the answer to that question is: Doing so might be a tad tricky

As we’ve previously touched on, this series is a courtroom drama where one of the participants doesn’t know that it’s fake. The humour of the series comes from a man named Gladden genuinely reacting to a torrent of absurd situations. It’s funny because Gladden thinks what’s happening around him is real. 

Now, this premise would be a tricky one to pull off two times in a row. What would happen if in the second season of Jury Duty, the dupe is a fan of the series? What would happen if they realised that the courtroom they’re in was fake? At these junctions, season two of Jury Duty could just collapse in on itself.

However, just because a second season of Jury Duty would be tricky to pull off doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Borat got a sequel, after all! And the show’s creators are open to the possibility.

Jury Duty’s Executive Producer, Nicholas Hatton, has said that if a second season were to happen, the premise would need to be altered. 

“We could do more, but it won’t be the exact same format,” said Hatton. “Tweaks will need to happen because the process of finding these wonderful real people involves a little bit of subterfuge, and hiking up tracks, and sort of pretending you’re something that you’re not. So you have to use a slightly different process every time, and we have to keep that very, very secret.”

“I think it can go in any number of incredible directions. We have some things we’re picking up right now which is really exciting. It’s a wonderful proof of concept.”

Jury Duty Season 2: What We Know

As it stands, a Season 2 of Jury Duty doesn’t have a release date, as this series hasn’t been officially renewed.

This could be because the series isn’t getting one, or because Hatton is keeping it under wraps. After all, if everyone learns that Jury Duty Season 2 is happening, they might not be able to prank some folks.

The earliest that Jury Duty Season 2 could be released is sometime in 2024. Stay tuned, and we’ll update this post when we know more.

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