The Curious Case of Jury Duty’s Super Divisive Reviews

Jury Duty reviews: They’re divisive, all over the place, and in a state of flux. On April 14, this series scored a rotten 54% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, as this program has gotten more popular, this number has risen.

As of 1 May, Jury Duty was 63% fresh. And as of 25 July, it’s 79% fresh.

That’s right, in around three months, it has climbed up an impressive 25%.

On April 23, Pop Culture Planet wrote, “Jury Duty is so wholesome and fun as it follows regular guy Ronald Gladden who thinks he’s participating in a documentary about jury duty. The reality? The whole case is fake, and everyone but him is an actor.”

“Over the course of the season, Ronald gets put into progressively wackier situations that he handles with humour and ease… Think The Office meets The Truman Show.”

Meanwhile, Den of Geek gave it 3.5 stars. They stated, “A big contrast between Jury Duty and The Office is the sentimentality of the Freevee show. There is a glaring lack of cynicism here that was often so omnipresent in the Steve Carrell show, and this works in Jury Duty’s favour most of the time. It allows it to become an antidote for the negativity that perpetuates our daily lives.”

However, as previously noted, not everyone’s a fan of this series. As The Guardian said, “It’s hard to believe that Ronald never had an inkling of something off about the cameras permitted to tape the inner workings of a private deliberation. His so-called peers have each been sketched around a single, legible shtick in the same manner as supporting characters on TV.” 

Additionally, The Age claimed, “It’s like one of Nathan Fielder’s passing ideas got produced and quickly proved to be inconsequential.”

Yet, despite the fact that critics are somewhat split on this series, there’s a group of everyday folks who love it. For the longest time, Jury Duty has received excellent audience reviews. It currently has a 97% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Over 250 people have given it a positive rating.

“Incredible,” wrote one fan. “The critics on RT are completely wrong. This is a thoroughly amazingly executed show. Truly one of a kind.”

Additionally, a different fan said, “I’ve noticed over the past few years, critics are more and more off compared to the audience. This show is one of the best examples. Jury Duty is one of the best shows ever.”

So, who’s right? The delighted critics? The ones that loathe it? Or its fans?

Whelp, you’re the only person who can answer that question. You should review Jury Duty for yourself.

All of Jury Duty is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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