Order in the Court: Here’s a List of Jury Duty’s Cast

There’s no denying it, Jury Duty is a buckwild TV series. In this program, a fake trial in Los Angeles takes place. However, one of the 12 jurists doesn’t know that the trial isn’t real.

That’s right, Ronald Gladden, a solar contractor from San Diego, believes that he’s jurying a real court case. Which is mind-boggling, as this series is a comedy. A lot of silly stuff happens around this man.

However, as previously mentioned, Gladden isn’t the only cast member to star in Jury Duty. Across the whole series, he’s constantly surrounded by a group of super slick actors.

So, with in this mind, let’s celebrate the Jury Duty cast that made Gladden pop. Here’s a list of the eleven other jurors and what else they’ve starred in. 

James Marsden

James Marsden plays a pompous version of himself in Jury Duty

James Marsden in Jury Duty
Amazon Studios

When discussing this role, Marsden explained, “The idea of lampooning the cliché of entitled, self-absorbed, egocentric Hollywood actor was really exciting to me. I could do it as myself, and hopefully by the end of it, everyone would know that I’m satirising that character, and it’s not really me.”

Marsden has also starred in HairSpray, Enchanted, and the underappreciated Campfire Tales.

Kirk Fox

Kirk Fox plays Pat, a hilarious driving instructor. He’s also been in Reservation Dogs, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Deadwood

Susan Berg

Susan Berg plays Barbara, a juror that’s always tired. She’s also been in American Horror Story, Criminal Minds, and Hawaii 5-0.

David Brown

David Brown plays Todd, the juror with the odd vibes. He’s also been in The Everything Now Show and Assistance.

Pramode Kumar

Pramode Kumar plays Ravi, a juror who’s a sweetheart. He’s also been in Birds of Prey, Her, and 28 episodes of Jimmy Kimmel.

Mekki Leeper

Mekki Leeper plays an awkward juror named Joe. He’s also been in The Sex Lives of College Girls and New Girl.

Edy Modica

Edy Modica plays Jeannie, a juror who’s there to create some good vibes. She’s also been in Made For Love and High Maintenance

Brandon Loeser

Brandon Loeser plays Tim, the popular juror. He’s also done stunt work for True Blood, Masters of Sex, and The Disaster Movie.

Ishmel Sahid

Ishmel Sahid plays Lonnie, who’s initially an alternate before being made a legit juror. He’s also been in Cousins For Life and That Girl Lay Lay.

Ron Song

Ron Song plays Ken Hyun, a juror who says he’s the “manager of two gumball machines.” He’s also been in Home Work, Dave, and Modern Love Tokyo.

Maria Russell

Now, we are finally at the last Jury Duty cast member on this list. This person being Maria Russell. So, who does Russell play? Well, she plays Inez, a juror who’s simping to be the foreperson. Russell’s also been in Criminal Minds, Teen Wolf, and Why Women Kill.

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