Australia’s Most In-Demand Jobs for the Future Show What’s Really Important In Life


We grow up with big dreams to become astronauts, firefighters and marine biologists (what’s up with that?!), but most of us end up shifting our dream careers to suit what eventually becomes important to us (big salaries, work-life balance, altruistic reasons).

While communication, data science and business management are some of the most valued skills in the workforce today, new predictions from SEEK show that the future of employment is far more emotionally inclined.

Sure, technology is one of the fastest-growing industries hiring a high number of professionals today, but these new predictions show a real need for health and wellbeing-centric jobs that will help us, the humans, live our best lives when computers take over.

“While there will still be a need for people who can code, these types of skills will be cooling down and making way for those who can integrate tech and humanity,” Futurist Morris Miselowski said in a blog post for SEEK.

“The health and wellbeing sectors will also be growth industries, we are increasingly taking wellbeing into our own hands – including when it comes to caring for our elders, and we are learning to be more discerning in this age of information.”

According to the predictions, these will be the top five most in-demand careers for the future.

1. Health and Wellbeing

It’s encouraging to see a renewed focus on health and wellbeing, especially after the events of 2020 and beyond. According to SEEK, roles in this sector could include everything from wellness coaches and physiotherapists to personal trainers, nutritionists and dietitians. If you ask us, we’d love to see big corporates embrace these roles and bestow the benefits of health and wellbeing programs onto employees. Massage Fridays, anyone?

2. Mental Health Workers

Never has it been more important to look after our collective mental health. And as we look to the future, we’ll be seeing many more roles pop up in this arena as a result of the stresses and so many of us faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Careers in this area will cover a broad range; think anything from telehealth counselling to senior policymaking,” the blog post reads.

3. Geriatric Care

Life expectancy continues to climb with each new generation, and with an ageing population comes a need for more aged and at-home care workers. SEEK predicts more elderly will wish to remain at home, which will spark a brand new focus for roles that assist everyday living, like gardening, meal provision, driving and delivery services.

4. Physician Assistants

We already know careers in health and wellness will be most in-demand for the future, but with students having to study for an average of 15 years to become a fully qualified specialised surgeon, experts predict there will be a need for Physician Assistants – a medical career requiring a shorter study period.

These professionals won’t carry out major surgeries but will perform patient exams, interpret tests and imaging, make diagnoses, prescribe treatments, assist in surgery, and perform minor procedures.

5. Virtual Influencer ‘Teams’

Bare with us on this one… SEEK experts predict a future demand for ‘robot influencers’, like Lil Miquela (a.k.a. Miquela) and Noonoouri, who make their creators $10 million and $2.5 million a year, respectively.

“Learning to build and brand virtual influencers is likely to become a much-coveted career in the future. More than simply knowing how to code, you’ll be looking for expertise in psychology to nail this career brief,” the blog post reads.

As for why a background in psychology is helpful, it’s because these virtual influencers are free to update their personas based on what audiences are responding to at that time, whether that’s a social movement or up-and-coming fashion style. As such, it would help to have a finger on the pulse of emerging trends, too.

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