The Headlines: STOP THE PRESSES — Jennifer Coolidge Is Coming to Vivid

Jennifer Coolidge + Vivid? Yes Please!

Folks, sometimes it’s hard to stay hopeful. You spill your coffee, in your climate change guzzling car. Your favourite pair of fast fashion jeans rip. It’s just hard, you know?

But then, an atomic bomb made of hope drops. Everything changes. You learn that Jennifer Coolidge is coming to Vivid Sydney. 

That’s right, Jennifer Coolidge is Vividing it up. The icon from The White Lotus, A Cinderella Story, and Shotgun Wedding will be here, in Australia. 


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“Hey Australia, it’s Jennifer Coolidge,” said Jennifer Coolidge in an Insta reel. “And I just got really exciting news. Mike White and I are coming to Vivid Sydney on June 10.”

Now, if you don’t know who Mike White is, don’t feel bad. He’s the dude who’s directing The White Lotus. Additionally, he also directed Nacho Libre and Magic Mike

But what will Coolidge and White be doing? Are they just here to vibe with the lights? Well, no. They are actually running an event called Mike White & Jennifer Coolidge in Conversation

It’s also worth noting that we know what this convo’s about. Coolidge and White will be discussing the peaks of their careers, the valleys that they’ve emerged from, and their experiences in the Hollywood machine.

If you want to be in the presence of Jennifer Coolidge this Vivid, then click the link here to score a ticket.

Unpacking the Metaverse’s 2023 Fashion Week

Decentraland's Fashion Week
Image: Decentraland

Balenciaga, Adidas, Vogue. And no, I’m not listing swanky brands for the heck of it. All these of folks decided to jump aboard the metaverse bandwagon, they were all a part of its fashion week. 

The Metaverse’s fashion week took place in Decentraland from March 28 until March 31. It featured over 60 brands, games you could play, and virtual clothes you could buy.

However, the event wasn’t a complete success. In 2022, this event had 108,000 attendees. In 2023, it only had 26,000 players. What’s more, the amount of concurrent fashion week attendees peaked at around 1000. If the metaverse wants a viable fashion week, then such numbers need to be higher.

This shift comes as more and more people are questioning if metaverses are financially viable futures. The trend of hyping Decentreland might be over, and ChatGPT reigns supreme.

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A New Tears of the Kingdom Trailer Dropped

If you’re a video game simp, then you might already know that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is debuting on May 12. However, you might not know that the final trailer for this game has been released. 

In this trailer, we learnt the following things:

  • Enemies might fight each other
  • Link gets a rocketship 
  • Ganondorf’s now incredibly hot

In summary, this game is going to be buckwild. May 12, you can’t come fast enough.

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