The Headlines: Indonesia Has Been Hit By a Life-Ending Earthquake

Welcome folks, to another day where some lighthearted commentary up top doesn’t make sense. That’s right, we have another day of grim yet important headlines, so let’s jump into the facts:

162 People Killed by an Earthquake in Indonesia

Last night, a magnitude-5.6 earthquake hit Indonesia’s main island of Java. This earthquake was recorded to be 10km deep. At least 326 people have been injured, and at least 162 people have been killed.

“The majority of those who died were children,” said West Java’s Governor, Ridwan Kamil.

“So many incidents occurred at several Islamic schools.”

This earthquake has also displaced over 13,000 individuals. It’ll take an incredibly long time for this entire situation to be sorted.

An American Journalist Was Detained at Qatar’s World Cup

A journalist named Grant Wahl was told to change his shirt before entering the FIFA World Cup’s match-up between the United States and Wales in Doha, Qatar. This is because Wahl was wearing a shirt which donned both a soccer ball and the LGBTQI+ rainbow.

“Same-sex relationships are illegal in Qatar,” said Wahl. “But FIFA has been clear in saying that the rainbow flag would be welcomed at the World Cup. The Qatari regime, however, has said very little on the topic, raising concerns that things would be different on the ground.”

Wahl refused to remove or change his shirt. This resulted in him being detained by security for nearly an hour without his phone.

Fortunately, Wahl left this ordeal without any further harm happening to him. The security commander learnt about this situation, apologised, and then let him into the game. A FIFA representative also apologised.

However, Wahl wasn’t impressed with this situation.

He said, “The entire episode left me wondering: What’s it like for ordinary Qataris who might wear a rainbow shirt when the world isn’t watching here? What’s that like?”

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A Baby Echidna Was Saved From NSW Floodwaters

In some hopeful news, a baby echidna was rescued from flood waters near Menindee in outback NSW. This puggle was saved by a bloke named Kevin Staker. The echidna was then named Kevin in honour of his human saviour. 

“Adult echidnas are very good swimmers, but Kevin was lucky he just made it to the edge, and adult Kevin found him,” said Rescue and Rehabilitation of Australian Native Animals’ President, Lindy Hunt.

The baby echidna is now recovering in Dubbo and is being assisted by specialised carers. When Kevin is a strong enough boy, he’ll be released into an area near his home of Menindee.

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