‘Friends’ Fans Are Very Confused About James Corden Hosting the Reunion

After waiting for what feels like a lifetime for the Friends reunion, it’s finally almost upon us and we recently received a shiny new trailer to get us sufficiently pumped for the special’s imminent release.

However, many fans were taken aback to see that the one-off features the host of The Late Late Show, James Corden.

In the trailer for the special, the cast can be seen coming back to the sound stage where they filmed the iconic series to reminisce about their time together and what it was like to say goodbye. The team also sit down for some table reads as they revisit classic episodes such as The One Where Everyone Finds Out. 

But it was the appearance of Corden, who conducts a panel style interview with the actors, that had everyone up in arms.

“Don’t get me wrong I’ve been wanting a Friends reunion since 2004 but if someone told me James Corden would be in it I’d have told them not to bother,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another social media user offered a brutal takedown of the Carpool Karaoke comedian, writing, “James Corden adding the Friends reunion to the list of things he’s ruined with his mere presence.” Ouch.

And then there was this chap who just really did not hold back.

The general consensus was that given Corden was never on the hit series, any number of guest stars would have been more qualified for his hosting gig. One fan went so far as to demonstrate just how many people the network had to choose from for the role, making it all the more exasperating that the late-night host got the job.

Over the course of its ten season run, Friends welcomed a multitude of celebrity guests over the years. Notable cameos include Jennifer Aniston’s then-husband Brad Pitt as Will — a man whose hatred for Rachel was only matched by his fear of carbs, Reese Witherspoon and Christina Applegate who each played Rachel’s sisters Jill and Amy, Elle McPherson who appeared in several episodes as Janine — Joey’s roommate turned love interest and Bruce-freaking-Willis who played the father of Ross’ much too young girlfriend (and, briefly, Rachel’s boyfriend.)

A quick survey of our Latch team to find out who they would have liked to see at the helm of the reunion chat revealed two very clear favourites — the aforementioned Pitt and comedian Hank Azaria who, of course, played Phoebe’s boyfriend David who moved to Minsk in the name of science.

Pitt’s face when he found out James Corden was hosting.

Ugly Naked Guy also scored a point, as did American Pie alum Jennifer Coolidge who made an unforgettable cameo as Amanda Buffamonteezi — a woman with no professional dance training and who doesn’t work out at all!

Perennial young person Paul Rudd also earned a few mentions along with Giovanni Ribisi who portrayed Phoebe’s half brother Frank Junior.

In what was perceived as a huge missed opportunity, several of us felt that Aisha Tyler would have been a great choice for the hosting role, particularly as she was the only recurring character of colour to appear in ten seasons. Not to mention she is an accomplished host in her own right who never fails to make us laugh on Whose Line Is It Anyway?. 

Tyler featured in several episodes over the course of seasons nine and 10 as Charlie Wheeler — a beautiful paleontologist who dated both Joey and Ross.

Tyler thinking about how much better the reunion would be with her hosting.

So yes, there are many people who would have made way more sense to take the reigns of the Friends reunion, but Warner Bros. hired Corden so we’ll just be over here, channelling Ross as we deal with the disappointment.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Friends: The Reunion will debut on May 27 (PST) or May 28 in Australia.

The reunion will be available to stream express from the US at 5.02 pm AEST on Thursday, May 27, only on BINGE.

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