It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 16 Is (Finally) Coming to Australia

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It’s been a long, long time since Australia has been able to see new adventures with The Gang. But, finally, it’s confirmed: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is finally returning to Aussie screens.

The beloved sitcom was renewed for Seasons 16 — 18 toward the end of 2020, extending its record for being the longest-running live-action American comedy series in history. Now, The Gang behind Paddy’s Pub — Mac, Charlie, Dee, Glenn, and Frank — are back to wreak more havoc, tell more lies, and hack more schemes in South Philly for another year.

With Season 16 finally upon us, here’s everything we know about The Gang’s new adventures and details on how you can watch.

What is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 16 About?

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Patrick McElhenney/FX

Being a sitcom, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia relies less on long-arching story arcs and more on episode-by-episode hijinx. Spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen the show: The Gang aren’t great people, but we love them anyway.

That said, fans can safely expect more dysfunction, self-absorption, and milk steak. In fact, there might be some surprises too. Per Disney+, “The Gang is ripping straight from the headlines as they yearn for the past and attempt to survive the year, navigating 2023 with 16 years of baggage and a few figures from their past rearing their heads.”

Watch the trailer below:

Who Is In It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 16?

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Patrick McElhenney/FX

Rest assured that all five of the long-running show’s primary cast are returning for Season 16. Charlie Day’s Charlie, Rob McElhenney’s Mac, Kaitlin Olson’s Dee, Glenn Howerton’s Dennis and the iconic Danny Devito’s Frank will all be showing their faces at Paddy’s Pub once again.

You can also count on the familiar faces of the McPoyle brothers, the mothers of both Mac and even Gail the Snail will all be popping up at one point or another in Season 16.

But the teased appearances with Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have had fans most excited. Rob McElhenney tweeted a photo along with the iconic duo, writing “Name a crossover that makes better sense…”

Where Can I Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 16 In Australia?

Season 16 of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia will be available to stream on Disney+, via STAR. If you’re in the mood to binge the first 15 seasons, all of them are currently streaming on Disney+.

When Does It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 16 Premiere?

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Patrick McElhenney/FX

New episodes of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia will arrive on Disney+, via STAR, on August 23.

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