Here’s What We Know About the iPhone 13 So Far


We’ve heard the rumours swirling around the iPhone 13 and we know that it’s coming, but there’s one rumoured feature that stands out. Apparently, Apple may be offering up an entire terabyte of storage. What is a terabyte, you ask? It’s double the current max capacity of 512GB for the iPhone 12.

According to a report by Wedbush investment analysts (via Mashable), the clues were found within details regarding Apple’s supply chain. The report reads:

“From a spec perspective, we have increased confidence that iPhone 13 will have a one-terabyte storage option which is double from the highest Pro storage capacity today (512GB) and will also include a number of enhancements with LiDAR across all iPhone 13 models.” 

The 1TB capacity certainly won’t be for everyone — just like with previous models, Apple’s iPhone always comes out with different storage size options, with the smallest being the cheapest and the biggest being the dearest. Depending on your job, hobbies and your necessities, you may not need a huge amount of storage, which is perfectly reasonable. 

Rumours have been exacerbated by prolific Apple leaker Jon Prosser who has “doubled down” on this claim that Apple would deliver a terabyte of local storage on the alleged iPhone 13. This basically means that anyone who shoots imagery in ProRAW (10 times larger than your everyday JPEG) won’t have to pay for extra iCloud storage.

Up until now, the only iOS device that currently comes with 1TB of storage is the iPad Pro.

This is great news for designers, web developers, photographers, content creators and basically anyone who needs to produce high-res imagery and video as a part of their job. 

The iPhone 13, likely to be released in the coming months, is slowly taking shape through reports and rumours. Other recent claims are that the 13th model might be coming with an always-on display with a 120Hz refresh rate, a stronger MagSafe magnetic connector, and new astrophotography features. The camera design is said to be similar to previous models in its design, but will come with an ultra-wide lens. 

If these rumours around the iPhone 13 are true (and let’s be honest, they’re usually bang on) then this will be the first time that Apple has offered such a large storage option outside of their iPad Pro models.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new, sleeker and spacious iPhone 13. We’ll keep you posted. 

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