The Ins and Outs of 2023, According to The Latch

ins and outs australia 2023

New year, new us. Although the date may have rolled over, many things stay the same. The start of the year is a great opportunity to start fresh, both as individuals and as a society and we’re here to sound off on all the things that are better off being left in the past while talking up all the things we want to see more of in the future.

For starters, New Year’s resolutions are out. Instead, we’re all about deciding what will and will not be a thing in the 12 months to come. Here’s what’s in and what’s out in 2023 according to the team at The Latch.

Out: True Crime

In: Uplifting Docos

No more Ted Bundy, no more scammers, no more death and destruction. We want heartwarming, uplifting docos about knitting or spelling bees, thank you.

Out: The MCU, Streaming, Binging Shows

In: Original Blockbusters, Going to the Cinema, Movie Marathons

The Marvel Comics Universe is too big, too sprawling, and too copy/paste. No more sitting at home consuming mindless content nonstop. We want big, original cinema and we want it in theatres.

Out: The Kardashians and Other “Aspirational” Influencers

In: Julia Fox, Party Girls

The Kardashians have been out for a while now, but 2023 should be the year they properly descend into irrelevance. They also need to take with them all those aspiring influencers who follow in their footsteps. Instead, we’re backing chaos queen Julia Fox and all other girls who are ready to party and get real on main.

Out: Andrew Tate

In: Positive Masculinity

The Romanian Police may have done this one for us, but Andrew Tate and the whole dude-bro culture he personifies is definitely out. Instead, we want dudes who go to therapy, deal with their daddy issues, and use personal wellness as an end in itself, not a tool to beat other people down with.

Out: Elon Musk

In: Actual Experts

Elon’s shenanigans on Twitter have well and truly ruled him out for 2023. We’re likely projecting here but 2023 should be less Elon, and more normal, sane people with actual skills and talent in charge of important online cultural spaces.

Out: Travertine Homewares

In: Wooden Homewares

The days of travertine homeware are numbered. Instead of hardy stone, we want soft, organics made of wood.

Out: Engaging in Discourse

In: Logging Off

Put down the device. Go outside, get a walk in, look at the trees. Do anything that isn’t responding to whatever nonsense you’re finding yourself getting dragged into online. It’s not worth it. It never was.

Out: Getting Wasted for No Reason

In: Sobriety

We’re all too busy and too old to be getting hammered on a Tuesday. That doesn’t mean we need to be boring or ignore our friends calls for drinks, but leaning into a sober mindset is all about doing the fun things you normally would, sans hangover. What better month to start than January?

Out: Boring Footwear

In: Crocs

Crocs are the ultimate in divisive clothing. Love them or hate them, the Croc train is not slowing down so either get with it or get out of the way. Normalise wearing Crocs to work. It’s happening.

Out: Worrying About Everything

In: Personal Boundaries, Normalising Mental Health Needs

In 2022 we came out the other end of a traumatic couple of years and none of us have really quite processed just how mad the pandemic was. In 2023, we want more personal space, standing up for our mental health needs, and saying no.

Out: Bali

In: Komodo Island and Raja Ampat

Sure, plan your trip to Indonesia, just please don’t go to the same exact place that every other Aussie is heading to for the millionth time. Instead, hit up these lesser-known spots for a slice of authentic Indonesian relaxation.

Out: Wear it Once

In: Re-Fitting

This one probably applies to anyone that can actually afford to buy a new fit for every occasion, but this trend is well and truly over. No more single-use clothing. Buy good quality stuff and wear it until it falls apart. Or, like, at least a few times.

Out: Clubbing

In: House Parties

Okay, we hit the clubs hard after the pandemic to get a taste of what we missed during lockdown but, actually, the clubs still suck and paying $20 for an espresso martini is not the one. So, back to our friend’s houses we go, where the drinks are cheap, the bouncers are non-existent, and the conversations are actually audible.

Out: Sunburns

In: Sun Safety

After a few years of La Niña summers, a few of you have forgotten that the sun is incredibly powerful. We’ve seen some bad sunburns out there and may have even been the victim of them once or twice. So, slip, slop, slap and reapply sunscreen every couple of hours. Your skin will thank you when you’re older.

Out: Natural Disasters

In: A Normal Climate

This one is definitely manifesting, but if we could just have one year without a flood, or a fire, or a drought of biblical proportions, that would be great.

Out: Neutrals

In: Colours and Patterns

Psychedelic patterns and big bright colours are definitely on the rise and we’re here for it. Neutrals are cool and all but we’re not here to be cool, we’re here to express our inner madness and rejoice in the clash of colours.

Out: Dating Apps

In: Meeting People IRL

Get off the apps, stop trying to force connections with people online, and be happy and patient waiting for the right one to come along. No more chasing romance. Romance yourself and let the right one come to you. When you know, you know.

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