New Year, New Job? These 25 Jobs Are on the Rise in Australia

LinkedIn Jobs on the rise

For those considering a career change, it’s worth checking out LinkedIn’s list of top 25 job titles that’ve been experiencing the highest-growth in Australia in the past five years.

This year’s LinkedIn’s Job On The Rise survey shows a notable shift in the future of work towards a skills-based approach. The list includes a fair few roles with technical skills, particularly those in professional services like IT and business.

The Australian job market has continued to evolve as we move from the peak of the pandemic and with current economic conditions. As such, many jobseekers are feeling the pressure to remain updated on the rapidly-changing world of work, says LinkedIn Career Expert, Cayla Dengate.

“To help make sense of these changes, LinkedIn has released its Jobs On The Rise 2023 list, revealing the roles that have experienced the highest growth in Australia over the past years,” she says.

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“This year’s list shows that there has been remarkable growth within the professional services, with roles specifically in IT and Engineering experiencing the fastest rise, taking up a combined total of eleven spots on the list. So for those looking to transition into one of those top roles, look at the required skills and use available resources, such as LinkedIn Learning, to upskill and prepare for the potential role.”

In a blog post announcing the list, LinkedIn also shared some ways you can use it in your own career. Some ways including to gain skills, identifying what skills are in-demand for each role; setting goals, exploring insights around years of experience required for these growing fields; and finally, taking action, checking out current job openings for each role, as well as the people you may know already working in each role.

2023 LinkedIn Jobs on The Rise list

  1. Technical Program Manager
  2. Clinical Exercise Physiologist
  3. Site Reliability Engineer
  4. Sales Development Representative
  5. Platform Engineer
  6. Growth Specialist
  7. Claims Adjuster
  8. Machine Learning Engineer
  9. Sustainability Manager
  10. Enterprise Account Executive
  11. Cyber Security Analyst
  12. Crime Analyst
  13. Data Engineer
  14. Job Coach
  15. Cloud Engineer
  16. Customer Success Manager
  17. Client Associate
  18. Business Development Representative
  19. Health Assistant
  20. Service Desk Engineer
  21. Delivery Consultant
  22. Cyber Security Engineer
  23. Finance Associate
  24. Product Designer
  25. Technology Project Manager

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