IKEA’s New Wireless Charger Will Charge Your Phone Through Your Desk

When it comes to products that are functional while still being incredibly sleek, IKEA really nails the brief. The homewares giant taps into its Scandinavian roots for minimalist designs and cutting-edge functionality. So, it makes sense that its wireless chargers tick both boxes, too.

One, in particular, has caught the eye of shoppers, selling out online and in-stores in the US and with several articles praising it: the SJOMARKE.

While its design is chic — it’s white and is about the size of a hand (18cm long) — and its price is affordable — it’s only a mere $40USD, which is cheaper than the cost of some replacement charger cables — it’s the fact the charger works through a desk that makes it so noteworthy.

In fact, the charger was actually designed for indirect (discrete) charging – your phone shouldn’t be placed directly on it. It works through all materials apart from metal, so you can mount it underneath not just a desk, but also a side table or bedside table.

The charger comes with a 183cm-long cable for you to connect it to an outlet, double-sided adhesive tape for easy mounting and stickers to mark where on your table you should place your phone.

Unfortunately, the product isn’t currently available in Australia, though it’s set to be released sometime next year. IKEA does have two other wireless chargers available, all ticking those sleek and functional boxes.

The LIVBOJ ($9) has a slim, circular design and comes in black and white. Unlike the SJOMARKE, this one is meant for direct charging — you simply place your phone on top of it to charge.

Meanwhile, the NORDMARKE ($69), which features cork material, is a triple pad allowing for three devices to charge at the same time.

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