IKEA Is Now Creating No-Assembly Tiny Homes for the Road


IKEA has partnered with VOX Creative and Wisconsin-based tiny home and RV builder, ESCAPE, to design 17-square-metre tiny homes

The tiny homes come constructed on a flatbed trailer, meaning you can literally hook it up to your car and take it anywhere. No Allen key required for assembly (thank goodness). 

For this IKEA collaboration, ESCAPE modified an existing model of theirs Vista Boho XL — to add renewable, reusable and recycled materials, making it completely portable, self-sufficient and eco-friendly. 

Sustainably minded, the IKEA tiny home takes it a step further with composting toilets, light bulbs that reduce energy usage by 85%, and taps that reduce water consumption by almost half.

Designed to perfection, the IKEA tiny home has a great amount of natural light, meaning you won’t be needing additional light during the day, which presents another opportunity for low-impact living.

The kitchen surfaces are made from repurposed plastic bottles (you’d never know) and sustainably grown pine-panels are used for a lot of the interior fit-out, thinking outside the box with sustainable materials. 

In fantastically efficient IKEA fashion, the design choices inside this tiny house are not only low-impact but multi-functional. There’s storage squeezed into every possible nook, underneath the queen-sized bed and couch, as well as the kitchen table working as a desk when collapsed. It can also be totally removed to free up internal space.

IKEA Tiny Home Project / Vox Creative

Fitting out your tiny home is definitely the most fun, especially with so many compact bits to choose from! IKEA has designed countless chic sustainable and compact things for your home, that would be perfect for this tiny home.

We love the Opphem Mirror, made from natural fibres and giving your tiny home the illusion of endless space, and the compact 365+ food containers that are good-looking, plastic-free and perfect to stack and store in a small kitchen space.

With all of these undeniably winning factors, and the fact that you don’t even have to pick up an Allen key, there’s also an aesthetic cherry on top; the tiny houses are cool as hell.

ESCAPE is currently accepting orders for the IKEA Boho XL Model, which starts at AUD $61.2k, with customised extras available.

But right now, and if you live in the US, you can actually win one — simply by figuring out IKEA’s puzzle as part of a scavenger hunt that will see one clever person take home a free tiny home. 

Between April 30th and May 12th, IKEA US is sharing six puzzles on Instagram. Each puzzle reveals the letters which altogether create one password. Once you’ve figured it out, you can visit the contest entry page where you’ll be asked to write a small pertaining to the question: ‘How would this new, wonderful tiny home allow you to live a more sustainable life, and why is a sustainable lifestyle important to you?’

The best entry wins!

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