Plastic-Free July: How IKEA Is Leading the Charge with These Products for a Plastic-Free Home


During Plastic-Free July, we’re challenging ourselves, our friends and families, and our households to refuse single-use plastics and be part of the solution to plastic pollution around the world.

The global movement encourages us at home to reevaluate the products we buy, but it also encourages businesses to interrogate their own practices — something they really should be doing already.

IKEA is one such company with big environmental goals in place. The Swedish furniture giant has embarked on a transformational journey to become a circular business by 2030, and it’s making changes on every level to action its mission.

Solar panels, furniture buy-back initiatives, sustainable cotton; they’re all examples of how IKEA is moving in this positive direction, but there are continued plans in place on the way the business approaches plastic too, and at every price point, as Melissa Miller, IKEA Australia’s country sustainability manager, tells TheLatch—.

“We believe that a healthy and sustainable life is for everyone, not a luxury for the few. We also believe it’s possible to live a good life within the limits of the planet.

“Plastic is everywhere for many reasons. It’s strong, durable, lightweight, and versatile — yet low cost — material. But when plastic is not disposed of responsibly, the environmental implications become concerning. IKEA is committed to making a positive impact on people and the planet. Our ambition is that by 2030, all plastic used in our products will be based on renewable or recycled material.”

IKEA already has a number of products in its current and future ranges made from recycled materials, including more sustainable plastic products. “We’ve already started our journey towards this goal with a plan to replace single-use plastic in our range and by using different kinds of sustainable plastic in an increasing number of products,” Miller says.

“We want to make more sustainable plastic products our customers can enjoy and love. Made from renewable sources like corn, sugar beet and sugar cane instead of virgin fossil based, PLA is an example of a plastic which makes this possible.”

IKEA acknowledges that its own plastic-free journey is one that may take some time. But the business is committed to achieving its goals and creating a more environmentally conscious and circular economy.

“Our journey towards only using recycled or renewable based plastic will take some time and require new ways of doing things, but we are determined to take responsibility and find new solutions. We want to give our customers the possibility to choose products made from more sustainable materials that can be recycled again one day. Together, we can make a big difference!”

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the five best IKEA products that will help you on your way to living plastic-free at home.

Okuvlig bamboo straws, $6.99

Ideal for those two love to drink smoothies, ice coffees and Long Island ice teas at home, the Okuvlig bamboo straws come in a full set along with two cleaning brushes to keep them fresh and clean. Should bamboo not be your vibe, IKEA also has reusable stainless steel straws.

Source: IKEA

Efterstrava travel mug, $9.99

This chic and affordable travel mug is perfect drinking tea and coffee on the move and helps you avoid single-use coffee cups at your favourite cafe. Since it’s a little larger in the size, the mug can also be used for infusions with fruits or to make herbal beverages, either enjoyed cold or hot.

Source: IKEA

Overmatt food covers, $5 for 3

If you haven’t already found a better solution for cling film at home, then let this be it. At $5 for a pack of three, the Overmatt food covers are an affordable solution to wasteful plastics that allow you to easily keep your produce fresh.

Source: IKEA

IKEA 365+ food containers, $7.49

The IKEA 365+ food storage range uses glass containers with natural bamboo lids. In a range of shapes and sizes, the containers are easily stacked for a neat and tidy look in your pantry or fridge that eliminates the need for plastic containers.

Source: IKEA

Kungsfors net bag, $7.99 for 2

Made from sustainable cotton, these net bags are perfect for picking up groceries at the local grower’s markets. In addition, they’re super on-trend right now, so can easily double as your day bag for running errands.

Source: IKEA

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