This Interior Trend Is Everywhere on Instagram — and IKEA Has a Version of It for $9

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Like many others, I get most of my home inspo from Instagram. While I do still appreciate a thick home magazine or even a good catalogue, I’ve found Instagram to be a trove of ideas for all different styles of homes, with photos on the platform from tiny, minimalist apartments in Munich, to boho bedrooms in LA. You name a home interior style, Instagram’s got hundreds upon thousands of photos of it.

With all that time I spend trawling through interiors photos on Instagram, I’ve been able to identify one key home piece that, though subtle, really helps to make any room look more ‘styled’.

While it’s certainly not in every home design pic, it’s in quite a few of them — and I’m seeing it more and more (but that might just be because I’ve noticed it now).

It’s a hanging lamp shade made out of rice paper. Here it is from brand Hay, available in 80cm size from Finnish Design Shop for $73.80.

Image: Finnish Design Shop

And here’s how they’ve styled in a bedroom.

Image: Finnish Design Stop

“If you don’t have the budget for art or you don’t have a lot of architectural features in your room, you can add a pendant and it’ll create a lot of interest and impact,” says Australian interior designer Natalie Walton in a blog post titled The Power of the Pendant.

In a video in the post, Walton explains that if you’re hanging it above a dining room table, it’s “nice to bring it low so it feels intimate and really creates a zone around the dining table”.

Image: Instagram @nataliewalton

See what I mean about it making a room looking so ‘done’, but not in an in-your-face way? It’s so under-the-radar. And even more so with IKEA’s version of the lantern. Costing a mere $9 and sized 45cm, the REGOLIT pendant lamp shade promises to create a cosy atmosphere with the diffused light.

“Love the price and simplicity,” wrote one reviewer. “I love these shades and have them throughout my house. It’s easy to look after them with an occasional dust. They filter direct light, and it’s like having a full moon in your room,” penned another.

IKEA pendant lamp
Image: IKEA

I know what I’ll be adding to my lounge room this winter.

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