IKEA’s New Collection Takes Inspiration From Famous Artworks


Last month in October, IKEA dropped a collection of sustainable farmhouse-inspired homewares and decor, plus a range of textiles made from recycled ocean plastic.

This month, in November, the Swedish furniture giant is taking inspiration from prolific artists through time with the Dekorera collection.

The capsule range of decor and accessories takes cues from a handful of well-known paintings, like The Girl with the Pearl Earring by Vermeer, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, and more that any art buff will be able to spot from a mile away.

“The collection of home furnishing accessories and textiles which combine the rich colours and style of 17th-century Dutch master painters like Rembrandt, Vermeer and Hals, full of swirling, golden light, playful domestic scenes, and shadowy corners.

“This, combined with traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship, was used as inspiration to create products which add an inviting flair to your home,” IKEA says.

The pieces in the 24-part collection are designed to work with your existing furnishings, and through their rich use of colour and texture, add instant character to a space.

Of the cushions, rugs, throws, crockery, accessories and storage boxes in the range, here are some of our favourite pieces.

Dekorera cushion cover, $9.99 – $12.99

The collection is made complete by four cushion cover designs, each of which boasts rich colours and warm textiles and takes inspiration from well-known artworks on their 100% cotton covers. Art buffs may recognise Van Gogh’s Sunflowers in one of these.


Dekorera trays, $3.99 – $9.99

It’s about as close as you’ll get to hanging the real Mona Lisa in your home, and in IKEA’s November drop, the Da Vinci-inspired item is both fabulous and functional.

“These trays reference a couple of famous paintings by Vermeer and Da Vinci that you’re probably familiar with – and are a little cheaper than the originals if you’re looking for a nice new wall hanging. Better at carrying coffee, too” IKEA says.


Dekorera candlesticks, $16.99 – $24.99

We love a sculptural candle moment but hate the thought of burning the beauty, which is why we’re a big fan of sculptural candlesticks. These curved candlesticks are available in two sizes and look stunning together as a little tabletop vignette. In a chic matte black shade to suit any home.


View the full Dekorera range and shop the collection online now at IKEA stores everywhere.

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