New Chic and Sustainable Products Have Dropped at IKEA and We’re Excited

new product ikea

It’s February, which means a new product drop at IKEA

The days are starting to cool down, but the summer excitement – and the fact that we can go out! – is still buzzing in the atmosphere. The latest arrivals at IKEA are a tribute to this season, exuding simple elegance with a light, tonal colour palette. 

From laptop stands and cabinets to vases, clean lines and uncomplicated forms are a focal point, allowing functionality to be sleek but sensible. IKEA has included an impressive array of natural fibres in this new drop, with things like birch, bamboo and rattan taking centre stage and adding to the light, simplistic energy.

Key products include laptop stands, cabinets, kitchen storage, desks, wardrobes and office chairs.

With this new drop, IKEA also welcomes the arrival of the OSYNLIG candle range, a collaboration with Byredo founder, Ben Gorham. We’ve been told they’re selling out super quick, so get in fast if you want your home to smell like heaven.

As we start the car to drive to our closest store, here are just a few of the new February products that caught our eye.

FÖRNUFTIG air purifier, $89

Say hello to cleaner air! As we spend more time indoors, the climate at home becomes an important factor for health and wellbeing. FÖRNUFTIG air purifier is the first product from IKEA’s new product segment, which focuses on the indoor climate.

The air purifier helps to create cleaner air by filtering away gases and particles, including pollutants, chemicals, pollen, dust and odours. The combination of a Hepa 12 filter that draws away particles and a carbon filter that removes gases, gives you an advanced and efficient air-purifying solution.

Apart from the physical benefits, an air purifier can improve mental wellbeing too. It’s also super sleek and could fit anywhere in your house, as a feature or as a hidden component.

JÄSNING Proofing Basket, $14.99

Calling all sourdough-starter-pack professionals, this one’s for you. The JÄSNING proofing basket is made out of natural rattan, and is a great-to-have item for the aspiring home baker, offering support and structure that takes sourdough loaves one step closer to pro.

RÖDASK Rug, $99

RÖDASK rug is all about details and minimal impact. It has been jacquard-woven in cotton for an interesting, tactile structure, while the contemporary graphic pattern warms and softens any space. It’s suitable for any type of flooring, of any colour, texture and style. RÖDASK rug is made from a soft yet hard-wearing blend of cotton and cotton-chenille from sustainable sources, and nothing more. With no backing or excess textures, it’s easy to fold and put away when not in use.

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