Live That Salty Van Life in Style With IKEA’s New Surf-Inspired Collection

IKEA Australia

In 2019, IKEA announced it would be partnering with the World Surf League for a new range of surf-inspired homewares and lifestyle products. Now, three years, later, the collection, called KÅSEBERGA, is finally (nearly) here, hitting stores and available online from September.

Developed with sustainability in mind, with products using more renewable materials like cork, recycled polyester, and bamboo, KÅSEBERGA consists of 25 home and lifestyle products, including glassware, a beach chair, a portable grill, wall art, post-surf ponchos, a surfboard-shaped coffee table and a bag to use for beach clean-ups.

Wiebke Braasch, a designer at IKEA, says the World Surf League shared the needs and demands of surfers with the Swedish retailer. These included the ability to organise in small spaces, products that offered mobility and functionality, and products that can withstand humidity.

Image: IKEA

“These needs are relevant for many more people than surfers and inspired us to create products that enrich everybody’s lives with similar demands,” says Braasch. “With this collection, we hope to spread the joy of the surfing lifestyle in the home and everyday life of many people.”

The collection is named after a small city in Sweden with one of the most southern surf breaks in the country. Well-known surfer and business owner, Kassia Meador, along with fellow reputable surfer Rob Machado, also played a role in seeing it come to life.

“It has been an honour and a pleasure to team up with Rob Machado, the World Surf League and IKEA to create KÅSEBERGA,” says Meador. “A collection of ocean-inspired home goods and on-the-go surf essentials in the most functional high vibe, low impact way. For the ever-growing global community of earth-conscious surfers and beach lovers.”

IKEA Australia
Image: IKEA

Though the collection launches globally May 2022, its Australian release is timed for spring, to make it more seasonally relevant.

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