IKEA Will Stop Printing Its Catalogue After 70 Years


Following a 70-year legacy, IKEA has announced it will stop printing its iconic catalogue in what it calls an “emotional but rational decision”.

The call to end the long-running publication comes in response to changing needs from the typical IKEA shopper. “IKEA has become more digital and accessible while embracing new ways to connect with more people. Customer behaviour and media consumption have changed, and fewer people read the IKEA Catalogue today than in years past,” the furniture giant says in a press release.

First published in 1951, the IKEA catalogue is known and loved for revealing new IKEA products, plus showcasing furniture hacks and decor advice. During its popularity peak in 2016, around 200 million copies were distributed globally in 32 languages, and to over 50 markets. Since then, and as customers shift into an online way of browsing and shopping, the catalogue has been steadily declining.

“For both customers and co-workers, the IKEA Catalogue is a publication that brings a lot of emotions, memories and joy,” says Konrad Grüss, managing director at Inter IKEA Systems B.V. “For 70 years it has been one of our most unique and iconic products, which has inspired billions of people across the world.”

Moving forward, IKEA will honour its long-running catalogue history with a book for in-store customers, filled with great home furnishing inspiration and knowledge. This is said to be available later in 2021.

The catalogue is likely to continue in some capacity, but via digital platforms only. Not only will this decision allow IKEA to better connect with more customers, but it’s also in line with its sustainability goals to achieving a 100% circular economy by 2030.

Recently, IKEA announced a series of new commitments for its in-store dining offering. By 2025, IKEA promises that 50% of its main meals will be plant-based, and 80% will be non-red meat. In addition, 80% of all packaged food offered will be plant-based.

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