IKEA Just Dropped a $3.50 Bucket Hat


You can now show your love of IKEA by proudly wearing a bucket hat made from Frakta bags on your head. The new trend piece was announced this week on Facebook, in a post that reads:

“Finish your drip with KNORVA… AKA the IKEA bucket hat. Limited drop, you don’t watch to catch the ‘L’.”

I must have lost touch because I honestly have no idea what any of those words mean, but in reading between the lives I can confirm the hat is in stores now and costs only $3.50.

“This hat is made of the same hardwearing and durable materials as one of the world’s most used bags,” reads the product description. “Provides protection from the sun and rain, and is easy to keep clean – just rinse and dry.”

And that’s it! That’s the whole story, folks. Honestly, we’re surprised you’re still with us and haven’t already called in sick to race out to your nearest store to grab one.

Finish your drip with KNORVA… aka the IKEA bucket hat💧 limited drop, you don't watch to catch the "L" >…

Posted by IKEA on Monday, 28 September 2020

It’s not the first time IKEA has extended its offering from furniture and homewares into apparel, though it is a first for the Australian market.

Back in August, IKEA launched its very first clothing and accessories collection for Japanese shoppers.

Designed in close collaboration with IKEA Sweden, the collection was specifically ideated for IKEA’s Japan arm, and is said to be inspired by, and made for, the people of Tokyo.

The Efterträda collection was made up of 10 items, including a T-shirt, hoodie, tote bag, umbrella, bath towels, and water bottles.

You can see more of the collection in our story here.

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