New Brisbane Local Idle Hour Introduces Vodka You Actually Want To Taste

A new locally-made vodka has just dropped in Brisbane and it’s all the things we love. 

Born out of last year’s lockdowns, co-founder and Director Ewen Pettit could see Aussies shifting their attention to well-made local spirits, and thought it the perfect opportunity to create something special.

Idle Hour is a rye vodka, full of texture and punch. Using only local ingredients, sourced sustainably and curated with care, the idea behind Idle Hour Vodka is to be a vodka you’ll want to taste.

The main difference between rye vodka and potato vodka is the taste. With rye vodka using grains, the flavour is much more layered, with a bit of spice and a creamy texture. Although rye vodka does use a grain that contains gluten, the distilling process removes all the gluten, leaving the end product completely gluten-free.

With more brands on the market that are well thought out, local and sustainable, Australians are really being encouraged to “waste time well”, and we’re super into it. 

idle hour vodka
Courtesy of Idle Hour

Channelling an uncomplicated lifestyle and spontaneous catch-ups with friends, previously prohibited under lockdown laws, Idle Hour Vodka, with its cool branding, local ingredients and minimalist process asks Aussies to live in the moment and celebrate the small pleasures.
You can find Idle Hour Vodka at Dan Murphy’s, via BoozeBud, BWS or direct from their website.