Iconic Duos That Could Only Exist In Australia

The land down under is the proud home to oddities and one-offs from coast to coast. We’re the only people on the planet who would put hundreds and thousands on white bread and consider it a delicacy.

But it’s not just the individual iconoclasm we excel in; pair up a few of these Aussie specials and you’ve got yourself something better than the sum of its parts. We run you through the top iconic Aussie duos that make up our cultural landscape.

Scott and Charlene

Neighbours would not have been anywhere near as popular as it was if it wasn’t for the power couple of Scott Robinson and Charlene Mitchell AKA Jason Donovan and Kylie. Their on-again-off-again antics hooked people for years both here and abroad and cemented the show as the iconic Aussie soap.

Vegemite and Butter

North of Cape York you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would bite into a hot buttery slice of vegemite on toast without grimacing and asking what’s wrong with you. Down here though, that thick veggie spread is the breakfast of champions.

Nicole and Keith

Amongst all the typical fighting and feuding, these two are one of the celeb world’s most enduring couples. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have been married now for 14 years (!) and are still filling our Instagram feeds with proof that true love still exists.

Bunnings and Snags

Nothing says weekend well spent more than an extensive trip through the hallowed halls of the big green shed, planning out a bunch of projects on the fly with no measurements to hand, spending way too much on house plants, and topping it off with a sausage in bread.

Kath and Kim

The mother/daughter combo of Kath Day-Knight and Kimberly Craig is about as Aussie as it gets. The painfully relatable day to day mundanities of sex, divorce, and wine are captured so perfectly in the series that they’ve found their way into our language, psyche, and national identity.

Pavlova and Christmas

Obviously we do Christmas a little different on this side of the planet. Santa is more likely to be riding a surfboard than pulling a sleigh through snow. That’s why we go for a light and fluffy seasonal indulgence like pavlova which, frankly, it wouldn’t be Christmas without.

Smith’s Duos

Smith’s Chips though has come through with another duo to add to your list of top Aussie acts.

Actually, it’s a duo of duos, a pair of pairs, featuring two new flavours (or is that four new flavours?) with the release of the delicious new Beef Burger and Special Sauce plus the stellar Hot Wings and Ranch. When it comes to the crunch, Smith’s knows a thing or two about flavour. In 1961 it was actually the first company to introduce flavoured chips to Australia with the release of the very first chicken flavoured chip.

Chris and Liam

The Hemsworths are actually up there amongst punch ons and the idea that we all drink Fosters as Australia’s biggest foreign exports. They prop up our international image in the film industry and when you’ve got Thor on your side, you can’t go too wrong.

Meat Pie and Tomato Sauce

Declaring the “right” way to eat a meat pie is tantamount to throwing a punch in some parts of this country: you are guaranteed to start a fight. Whether it’s on top or inside, one thing we can all agree on is that sauce is an essential component and you wouldn’t want one without the other.

B1 and B2

Only is Aus would giant, anthropomorphised fruit in sleeping wear be able to so capture the heart of a nation. B1 and B2, the eponymous Bananas in Pyjamas, graced our screens throughout the 90s and 00’s and were immortalised with commemorative coins in 2017.

Dannii and Kylie

The closest things we have to royalty, Dannii and Kylie Minogue are the superstar sisters who have dominated Aussie pop culture for three decades. From television, to film, to the charts and the dancefloor, these showgirls show up everywhere.