Discover Why a Hybrid Car Is Worth the Investment

gwm h6 haval hybrid

We’re all trying to be greener, right? Whether it be trying to eat more sustainably, swear off single-use plastics or just commit to simple recycling, most of us are doing what we can around the home to be more eco-friendly. Regardless, there’s always going to be an elephant in the room — or, in this case, the garage.

Yes, our petrol-fuelled cars are a huge part of the problem when it comes to our impact on the environment. In fact, cars, and other light commercial vehicles, make up more than 60% of Australia’s transport pollution levels and transport is the second-largest source of greenhouse gas emission in the country. It’s dire.

Luckily for us, there’s a solution — investing in electric or hybrid vehicles, like the GWM‘s Haval H6 Ultra Hybrid. Now, obviously, these aren’t going as cheap as a battered-up hatchback you’ve been looking at on Facebook Marketplace. However, a hybrid vehicle is well worth the investment, not only for the environment, but for your wallet in the long run.

You’ll save money on fuel

gwm haval h6 hybrid

We already know that hybrid cars are designed to have better fuel efficiency compared to your traditional petrol-powered cars. But, unlike an electric vehicle which the price point might run too high for your budget, a hybrid operates on both an electric motor and a petrol engine. The Haval H6 Ultra Hybrid, for example, runs on a 1.5L Turbo Hybrid with DHT, and only taps into the petrol when you need it.

You’ll save money on maintenance

Some people might be hesitant on investing in a hybrid car because of the assumption that it requires higher maintenance, or maintenance that is more expensive. That, fortunately, is not the case. In fact, the petrol engine being paired with the electric motor means that the engine will need less maintenance, simply because it’s not being relied on as much. Less pressure means less wear and tear, which means less trips to get your car serviced. All of that means more money stays in your wallet.

You’ll save money come tax time

Yep, in some states, there are actually tax benefits to encourage drivers to buy a hybrid vehicle. In New South Wales, for example, purchasing one of a range of low-emission hybrid vehicles means you could be eligible for concession on motor vehicle tax. In fact, many states around the country are instilling incentives for traditional car-drivers to make the switch, meaning you could start saving money from the second you purchase your new hybrid.

You’ll help save the planet

Obviously, the biggest benefit of driving a hybrid car is that it’s far more friendly to the environment than standard petrol-fuelled cars. Driving a hybrid car, like the Haval H6 Ultra Hybrid, is going to be more cost-effective in the long run. With reduced emissions as well as consuming less fuel, hybrid cars are also a great way to help combat greenhouse gases and overall climate change.

After all, saving money on a car doesn’t really matter if there’s no planet to drive it on, right? 

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