Hunting for ‘Hunted’ 2023 Details? Mate, We Have Got You Sorted

Oi, are you on the prowl for a reality series to binge? Are you craving something with stakes, rather than romance? If that’s the case, then we have some good news. Hunted Australia 2023 will be starting soon, and we have all the details about Season 2.

Hunted Australia is a real-life game of extreme hide and seek. In this series, 10 pairs of regular Aussies have to crisscross the state of Victoria while avoiding a group of professional trackers. If these folks can do this for 21 days straight, then they’ll split the $100,000 prize.

However, if your pair is caught, then you leave the series with nothing.

But what channel is Hunted Australia 2023 on? When does it kick off? Here are the Hunted Australia Season 2 details you need to know.

Who Hosts Hunted Australia?

Hunted doesn’t have a host. It instead has a Chief Investigator. And the name of this investigator is Dr David Craig.

Dr Craig is a former Detective Superintendent for the Australian Federal Police. He has protected three Prime Ministers and investigated the Bali bombings. Since 2013, Dr Craig has run a covert operations consultancy. Suffice it to say, this dude’s the real deal.

This is the second season that Dr Craig has been Hunted’s Chief Investigator.

Hunted Australia 2023 Cast

As it stands, we don’t know the names of Hunted Australia’s contestants. However, we do know the team of experts that will be tracking them.

Hunted’s tracking team is as follows:

  • Deputy Intelligence, Ben Owen
  • Deputy Operations, Reece Dewar
  • Lead Investigator, Graeme Simpfendorfer 
  • Lead Cyber, Jason Edelstein
  • Forensic Psychologist, Dr Karla Lopez 
  • Open-Source Intel, Carter Smith 
  • Open-Source Intel, Steph Jensen 
  • Digital Forensics, Jay Banerji 
  • Ethical Hacker, Vicki Grouious 
  • Senior Principal Analyst, Leigha Fraser

Most of these professional trackers starred in the first season of Hunted. This team consists of a bunch of former Australian Federal Police, Australian Defence Force, and British Intelligence agents. 

Hunted Australia 2023 Trailer

Hunted Australia Start Date 2023

The games are set to begin at 7.30pm on Monday, July 17, 2023.

Where to Watch Hunted in 2023

Once it premieres, Hunted will air on Network 10 and the 10 Play on Demand. If you miss an episode, or want to catch up on Season 1, you can do so on 10 Play.

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