You Haven’t Heard of DBOX Cinemas, But They’re Going to Revolutionise Your Film Game

When I was a kid, I remember standing right next to my old CRT TV. I remember the warmth of its tubular glow. I wanted the movies I watched to envelop me. I wanted to be consumed by my VHS copy of Flubber

Well, in 2023, I can finally fulfil this childhood fantasy. This is thanks to HOYTS debuting more D-BOX technology in their theatres. 

What Is HOYTS’ D-BOX Technology?

HOYTS’ D-BOX Technology
Image: HOYTS

D-BOX chairs are comfy recliners that move in sync with a flick’s action. If Tom Cruise is running, you’ll feel every thump of his foot. If a spaceship bevels left, then your seat will bevel left. The possibilities are basically endless. 

According to HOYTS’ Director of Property and Business, Tyrone Dodds, this D-BOX tech is incredible. He’s stoked that it’s now in some Aussie cinemas. 

“D-BOX technology was developed in Canada, and HOYTS is proud to be the only cinema operator in Australia where you can experience it,” said Dodds.

“We’ve built it into our reclining chairs to bring the movies to life without sacrificing comfort. The technology incorporates more than 65,000 movements perfectly synchronised with the movie action.”

What’s more, if you feel like your seat’s too buckwild, you can adjust its movement levels. This means you can take your thrill-seeking grandma to such flicks. 

As Dodds explained, “One of our favourite features of D-BOX is the ability for guests to manage the intensity of their own experience with a personal control system.”

“When you combine it with our huge Xtremescreens and, where possible, 3D-enhanced movies, it’s a surreal movie experience like no other.”

As it stands, HOYTS’ DBOX technology is being used in the following locations:

  • HOYTS Northland (VIC)
  • HOYTS Highpoint (VIC)
  • HOYTS Frankston (VIC)
  • HOYTS Greensborough (VIC)
  • HOYTS Wetherill Park (NSW)
  • HOYTS Eastland (NSW)
  • HOYTS Entertainment Quarter (NSW)
  • HOYTS Chatswood Westfield (NSW)
  • HOYTS Karrinyup (WA)

What’s more, by the end of June, HOYTS’ DBOX technology will be in these places too:

  • HOYTS Blacktown (NSW)
  • HOYTS Eastgardens (NSW)
  • HOYTS Green Hills (NSW)
  • HOYTS Carousel (NSW)
  • HOYTS Tea Tree Plaza (NSW)
  • HOYTS Tweed Heads (NSW)
  • HOYTS Sunnybank (QLD)
  • HOYTS Stafford (QLD)
  • HOYTS Belconnen (ACT)
  • HOYTS Norwood (SA)

Let’s just hope these cinemas one day enhance a VHS tape of Flubber.

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