How to Catch All the Action From the Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games: It’s like the Olympic Games but only stars countries too cowardly to disavow the UK’s monarchy. But enjoying some sport is a vibe, and the revolution can begin on the Queen’s deathbed. So, for now, how can we all enjoy the Commonwealth Games from the comfort of our own living rooms? This question is rhetorical. Here are the answers:

How Can I Commonwealth Games It Up?

Seven Network is the official Australian media partner for this year’s Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. Ergo, it’s not playing on Ten or ABC Kids. Instead, you can consume all of the Commonwealth Games action on Seven and their app 7plus.

Now, there’s actually something rad about Seven Network’s coverage. They’re streaming every event for free. That’s right, no event is hiding on Kayo or in another expensive streaming service. You can access every single sport on 7plus.

When Does the Commonwealth Games Start?

The Opening Ceremony begins on July 29. At 12:00 AM Aussie time. So, if you want to catch the whole thing, get ready to inject some Red Bull directly into your veins. 

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So, Will Every Commonwealth Games Sport Also Start at Midnight?

Luckily, no. There are three time slots that each feature a multitude of different sports. The first slot goes from 12:00 AM until 5:30 AM, so you do have to be a night owl to catch those ones. And the second slot does go from 5:30 AM until 7:30 AM, which you’ll have to be a morning person to enjoy. But for the rest of us without buckwild sleeping schedules, there are some games playing live from 7:00 PM until 12:00 AM each night. 

What Sports Should You Catch at the Commonwealth Games?

Lewis Martin, Managing Director of Seven, recommended the para-cycling. He stated, “When Jessica Gallagher and Caitlin Ward soar around the velodrome in the women’s para-cycling, Seven will be there.” He also upped the women’s cricket noting, “When Meg Lanning and our women’s cricket team capture our hearts and chase gold on the pitch, we will be there.”

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