How to Watch the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games In Australia

watch olympics australia

We’re just days away from the start of what is set to be the most bizarre Olympics ever.

No booze, no crowds, no partying, and what looks like an Olympic jail for the athletes, it’s going to be a very different Games compared to any we’ve ever seen before.

That doesn’t mean that the performances are set to be any less, and Australia looks set to pick up its highest medal tally since 2008.

The Opening Ceremony kicks things off officially on Friday but there are some preliminary starter events to get your taste buds working for the upcoming month of sporting delights.

Here’s everything you need to know about watching the Olympic Games in Australia.

How to watch the Olympics

Channel 7 has exclusive broadcasting rights to the Tokyo 2021 Olympics this year.

Coverage will be spread across three of the network’s channels, 7, 7TWO, and 7mate.

It will also be streamed online via 7plus and the network will host a 24/7 live stream covering all the games and commentary around the clock.

Thankfully, all of these services are free.

If you don’t have free-to-air, 7plus can be accessed via an app on AppleTV or Chromecast from a laptop.

7plus will require a login that just takes an email address and a few personal details.

Channel 7’s coverage will start every weekday at 5:30am and 6am on weekends, finishing after midnight AEST.

When do the Olympics start?

The Games will officially open in Tokyo on Friday. The event is set to start at 9pm AEST this Friday, July 23 and will run for three hours. The Games will then close in four weeks time at 9pm AEST, August 8.

Tokyo is just one hour behind Australia’s East Coast time zones and just two hours ahead of the West Coast. This makes a welcome break from events in Rio and London which forced fans to get up in the middle of the night to cheer on our athletes.

What are the preliminary events?

On Wednesday, our softball team, one of the new sports entering the Olympics this year, will face off against the home nation of Japan. That’s happening at 10am, Wednesday 21.

The Australian Women’s National Soccer Team, the Matilda’s, will be facing down New Zealand at 9:30pm AEST.

On Thursday, our National Softball Team will return for a 4pm AEST game against Italy.

The national under-23 men’s soccer team, the Olyroos, will be playing Argentina at 8:30pm AEST.

When do the Paralympics start?

The Paralympics will kick off just over two weeks after the Olympics Closing Ceremony.

Channel 7 is also hosting the Games and will be showing them across the network as well as online. The Paralympics Opening Ceremony is set to start on August 24 and will close two weeks later on September 5.

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