Exactly How to Use Your NSW Dine and Discover Vouchers Online Before They Expire

It seems like it was just yesterday that the NSW government launched its Dine and Discover voucher scheme, encouraging residents to get out and support local dining, arts and recreation businesses.

Fast-forward to today, when many of those businesses have had to shut down yet again for another six weeks due to lockdown, and the initiative is now more important than ever. If you haven’t yet applied or used your NSW Dine and Discover vouchers yet, now is the time. Apart from the fact that local businesses would really appreciate the advance cash flow, it’s also free money — so, why wouldn’t you cash in on it?

That said, with the vouchers’ expiry date changing, not to mention Greater Sydney and now other parts of NSW now in lockdown, it’s entirely understandable that many of us are confused about how exactly to use them. Ahead, we share everything you need to know about cashing in on the vouchers before they expire Saturday, August 31.

What Are the NSW Dine and Discover Vouchers?

Firstly, if you’re not familiar with the scheme: all NSW residents over the age of 18 are eligible for two $25 Dine NSW Vouchers and two $25 Discover vouchers.

The Dine vouchers can be used for takeaway meals and dining at restaurants, cafés, bars, wineries, pubs and clubs, while the Discover vouchers can go towards entertainment and recreation, including movie screenings, museum visits, arts experiences and concerts.

How Do I Access the Vouchers?

If you haven’t signed up for your vouchers yet, you can do so online on the Service NSW site, through the Service NSW app or by calling 13 77 88. You’ll need a MyService NSW account, two proof of identity documents like a NSW driver’s license, Medicare card or Australian passport. Once you’ve applied, the vouchers will then be available to you on the Service NSW app.

How Do I Use the Dine Voucher?

For starters, you’ll want to check that the venue is a participating business using the Dine & Discover NSW business finder. Also, know that the vouchers can’t be used for alcohol, tobacco, gambling or online orders.

If you’re in a non-lockdown area and are visiting a participating venue, simply show them your voucher and they’ll scan the QR code to take $25 off your bill. Easy!

For those in lockdown, you can use the vouchers for takeaway orders by showing the voucher’s QR code when you pick it up.

How Do I Use the Discover Voucher?

Using the Discover vouchers is a bit trickier as, if you’re in lockdown, you won’t be able to scan your voucher code in-person to redeem them. Like with the Dine vouchers, however, start by checking what businesses are participating in the scheme.

Once you’ve picked your business, the easiest way to redeem your voucher is to Google search ‘[business name] Dine and Discover voucher’. Most of the businesses have dedicated pages set up to explain their redeeming process. It’s also worth checking their dedicated sites to see if they have any special deals on offer. For instance, HOYTS Cinemas has $25 deals that use up the total voucher amount and offer great value.

Some other participating businesses you can use the Discover vouchers on include Sydney include BridgeClimb Sydney, The Sydney Tower Eye, Cork and Canvas, City Recital Hall, Strike Bowling King Street Wharf, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney Dance Company and Holey Moley.

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