Work Smarter, Not Harder: How to Use ChatGPT to Make Money

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As with every new invention, the first question most people ask after ‘how does it work?’ is ‘how can I use this thing to make money?’ At least, that’s the kind of entrepreneurial mindset you need if you want to use Chat GPT to make money.

Since its launch on the GPT 3.5 neural network language model in November of last year, the AI chatbot has taken the world by storm, forcing major companies to pivot their offerings and spawning thousands of inspired off-shoots.

There is already a tonne of clickbait-y videos and articles out there promising to be able to make you thousands per day by inputting the right prompts and commands into ChatGPT. Whether or not they work is another question.

In this article, we’re going to run through some of the common ways people use – or claim to use – ChatGPT to make money, how they work, and if they’re actually worth bothering with to answer the months-old question: Can you use ChatGPT to make money?

After years of disappointment with get-rich-quick schemes, you know you’re going to get rich with this scheme — and quick.

How to Use ChatGPT to Make Money

For starters, there is no way that you can get ChatGPT to pay you money. You can’t earn money directly from the software, that’s not how it works – unless you’re finding bugs in the code for which OpenAI will actually pay you.

That means that, if you are set on using ChatGPT to make some quick cash, you are going to need to learn to utilise it properly in order to produce content that can either be monetised or make other financially productive activities more efficient.

Much of this clickbait advice largely boils down to one of the following: using ChatGPT to write content that can be monetized, use it to create content that helps you monetize other content, or creating content telling other people how to monetize ChatGPT output.

That last one is a bit of a joke but there are hundreds of people out there creating content showing other people how to make money using ChatGPT and other AI tools that rack up millions of views. As they say, when there’s a gold rush, sell shovels.

Using Chat GPT to Create Monetizable Content

The kinds of content you can create using ChatGPT that can be monetized include: eBooks, emails, blogs, and other copywriting services.

Creating an eBook and selling it used to be hard but with ChatGPT you can have the AI do all of the hard work for you. Even better, you can ask the programme to come up with niche, original book ideas, break them down into chapters, and come up with options for a compelling title. Amazon will then let you sell these books on their site with little to no barriers to entry.

Writing emails works in a similar way, however, the better way to use ChatGPT to sell your emails is to have other companies buy them. Virtually every organisation and business has a mailing list, and if they don’t, even better. They will pay people to run their emails for them and, with ChatGPT, you can create a series of emails with fleshed-out copy that you can sell to these companies.

Apply that logic to virtually all copywriting work and it’s clear there is at least some potential here. All organisations need landing pages for their websites, blogs, and advertisements to drive traffic and revenue. If you can create and sell those things to different businesses, you may well be in the money.

How to Use ChatGPT to Create Content that Sells

If using ChatGPT to create content that makes money isn’t your jam, you can also use it to create content that sells whatever product or service you want to sell or are currently selling.

This might include things like getting ChatGPT to plan and write your email marketing lists, write product descriptions for you, or even write video scripts for video content plus all the descriptive copy that goes with it.

Using ChatGPT as a basic copywriting tool is a good way to streamline what can be a tricky and tedious process. Adding affiliate links, ads, and purchase buttons to that content is a no-brainer.

Using ChatGPT to Create a Business

If you don’t have a business and want to create a side hustle, ChatGPT can help you kick-start some ideas. Firstly, it can be useful to consult for insight into the market you’re looking to enter, defining the parameters to create a business that is niche enough to make money while being easy enough to automate as much as possible – using AI, of course.

You can then get ChatGPT to come up with a name for the company, design a logo, and write all of your website copy for you.

It can then further be used as part of the product you are selling as well. ChatGPT, or the API behind the chatbot, can be used as a framework to develop customer service chat apps, personal assistant apps, language learning apps, content creation tools, and social media apps. If your AI-inspired business sells these, you’ll have launched a company that automates a good portion of its day-to-day functioning.

Honestly though, most of these methods aren’t going to make you instant cash while letting AI do all the work for you. ChatGPT is a tool that, without the requisite skills, won’t be able to simply magic up money for you.

Anyone who is legitimately making money online using ChatGPT isn’t going to rush out and share their secrets with you and give themselves thousands of new competitors.

That however shouldn’t stop you from coming up with your own original ideas to make money that ChatGPT can help you refine and deliver. But, if you don’t want to do that, you can always sign up for my $1000 course where I’ll teach you the real secrets for making money using ChatGPT.

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