4 Easy Mindset Shifts to Adopt to Start to Becoming a More Conscious Consumer

Concious consumer

By now, we’re all no doubt aware of the power we hold as consumers. We know that simple decisions we make don’t just impact our lives, but also those of others and, not to sound too dramatic, but the planet, too.

As a result of this, many of us are keen to learn about how to become more conscious consumers. But first, what does that even mean?

“A conscious consumer is someone who makes their purchasing decisions around being socially, ethically or environmentally aware — often purchasing from brands whose values align with their own,” says Susan Francis, a Mindset, Manifestation and Business Coach. “Ultimately, as individuals every decision we make matters and is either part of a problem or part of a solution.”

Ahead, Francis shares four easy habits to adopt to start becoming more of a conscious consumer today.

Identify Essential Items and Dream Purchases  

One of the most important conscious consumer mindset shifts to adopt is to become more aware of whether what you’re buying is an essential (need) or a dream (want) purchase.

We all buy more than what we need, and we are aware of the impact consumerism is having on our planet, explains Francis. In saying that, though, she says we don’t need abandon desire-led purchases altogether. What are dream purchases, by the way? According to new research by shopping service Klarna, 2 in 3 Australians say their ‘dream buys’ are items or experiences with emotional value or that open up new life opportunities.

“A good way to identify whether a buy is essential or a want is by pausing at the check-out and asking yourself things like, how will I use this item?” says Francis. “Will this item bring me joy? What’s its longevity? And what’s its value both practically and emotionally?”

Quality Over Quantity  

When we focus more on long term happiness, rather than short term gratification in our spending, we naturally gravitate to quality over quantity, explains Francis.

“As we take more time to consider each purchase and the longevity and joy it will bring to our lives, we consume less,” she says. “For example, that one designer item you’ve been coveting that might seem to be out of reach right now, if you save up for it, or pay it off over time, you’ll most likely get your wear out of it.”

Read Up on Your Purchases and Brands

Another way to become a more conscious consumer is to educate yourself, says Francis.

“By knowing what is going on with a brand’s values and manufacturing, you’re more likely to understand just how impactful your shopping purchase is,” she says. “There are also some great resources available to help you learn more about the topic, including podcasts, as well as shopping apps that can help you shop consciously by creating a ‘wish list’ for a final review before heading to the checkout.”

Upcycle Where You Can 

Finally, you’ll want to think about upcycling. Upcycling is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint, by minimising the demand and processing of new goods. It also reduces the amount of excess waste, which would otherwise end up in landfills.

“For items that you no longer need, always consider avenues like charity donations, gifts for families and friends or even a re-sell,” says Francis. “It’s our responsibility to be aware of the impact we are having and to choose to be a force for good. Being more mindful of what we purchase will reduce overconsumption and waste, and ultimately bring more satisfaction and joy to what we purchase.”

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